10 Creative Ways to Get Kids to Read


In honor of Read Across America Day we have gathered 10 Creative Ways to Get Kids to Read. Whether you have a reluctant or avid reader, these activities are sure to get them reading!

Get Kids to Read

Cook or Bake Together
Kids can read labels for the ingredients or read the directions out loud as they go.

Act Out a Story
Have your kids pick their favorite book to act out. Be sure to record it so they can watch their show later!portrayal-89193_1920

Create a Scavenger Hunt
Write out clues to send your children on a scavenger or treasure hunt throughout the house.

Puppet Play
Have kids design and make their own puppets based on their favorite story or purchase some, like these from Little Fingers Handmade Finger Puppet Kits!

Family Sing-Along
Print out the words to some of their favorite songs and have them read the lyrics as they sing along! Another option is to search for Sing-Along videos on Youtube, you will find many options for kids.

Read Silly Poetry
Poems are great if you have a few extra minutes and don’t have time to read a full story. My students loved Jack Prelutsky! You can even encourage your kids to write their own silly poetry.

Keep a Family Journal
Encourage everyone to write and draw in a notebook about daily family life or a special event. Kids can read and respond to everyone’s entries and at the same time you will be creating a family keepsake.

Photo by John Morgan

Photo by John Morgan

Take a Mini-Road Trip
Write down directions to a fun, surprise location, have your kids read the directions out loud as you go.

Listen and Play
Instead of the television on in the background, have them listen to an audiobook as they quietly play or color.

Play a Game

  • Give your kids a letter of the alphabet and have them go around the house finding items that start with that letter.
  • Create labels for items around the house, have them read the label and then place it near the item, see who can get the most items labeled in the shortest amount of time.

Needs some ideas for books? Check out your local library or visit Northshire Bookstore for recommendations!

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