10 Ideas for a Rainy Day!


10 Ideas for a Rainy Day!

Here are some ideas to help keep you and your kids occupied through those rainy days!


1. Explore Local Placesboots-52414_640

Check out SaratogaMama’s Indoor Recreation Guide for a variety of places to go on a rainy day!

2. Take a Mini-Road Trip

You can find several ideas in the Spring Edition of SaratogaMama Magazine

3. Visit a Museum or Library

In addition to the ones listed in our Indoor Recreation Guide, there are several others within a 45 minute drive of Saratoga. Be sure to check for special programs at each!

4. Do a Craft

Check out some of our previous crafts posts, although many are holiday themed, they can easily be adjusted for any time of the year!

5. Build a fort

forts_wildthings_45Need some inspiration? You will find 50 Kids Forts at Builtbykids.com and some Fort Fun tips from Create with Ana Luisa Dziengel.

6. Play a Game

Break out the board games, plan a scavenger hunt, play Red Light, Green Light, Simon Says, Charades, and I Spy. Find more ideas for games at Spoonful.com.

7 . Bake a Special Treat

Here are a few sites that have specific recipes for baking with kids.

8. Go Bowling!

Saratoga Strike Zonebowling

Spare Time in Clifton Park

9. Have a Movie Day

Have kids create a mini-snack bar or their own movie tickets and pretend you’re at the movies! Have each person pick their favorite movie and have a movie marathon!

10.  Put on a Show!

Have kids create a play, use puppets or dolls, dress up, create their own props, put on a fashion show, anything! Get them to use their imagination and put on show for the whole family! (Be sure to record it!)

What are some things you do with your kids on a rainy day? Leave a comment below sharing some of your ideas!

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