2013 Gift Guide – Holiday Gifts for Elementary


We’ve scoured all of our favorite local Saratoga County shops to put together our 2013 Holiday Gift Guides!  We hope you enjoy perusing our top picks as much as we enjoyed “shopping” for them!

Happy Holidays from SaratogaMama!

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Elementary

2013 Gift Guide – Gifts for Elementary Under $15

Gift Guide 2013 Elementary Gifts under 15

1. Once Upon A Northern Night, $15, Northshire Bookstore – Books make a great gift and this one features beautiful illustrations and poetry.  The fabulous staff at Northshire Bookstore can recommend the perfect book for your recipient, or just go with a gift card!

2.  Assorted Beanie Boos, $7,  New York Toy & Hobby – Kids are wild over these Beanie Boos with those big adorable eyes.  With lots of styles to choose from, you’ll surely find one that ‘speaks’ to you at New York Toy & Hobby!

3.  Master Sculpz, $16, G. Willikers – The set includes 3 panels of sturdy, colorful, differently patterned pop-out pieces that can be folded to build a tall sculpture or a wide sculpture.  This unique gift lets the imagination run wild!

2013 Gift Guide – Gifts for Elementary Under $40

Gift Guide 2013 Elementary Gifts Under 40

1.  Boogie Board LCD Writer, $35, G. Willikers – These unique LCD writing tablets are flying off the shelves at G. Willikers!  Write on the cool liquid crystal display and erase your image with the touch of a button.

2.  Animation Studio, $20, Northshire Bookstore – Animation Studio offers expert tips to help kids transform a series of still images into an original animated movie!  The kit includes a mini stage set, press-out puppets, props, and storyboard samples.

3.  Folkmanis Puppets, prices vary, New York Toy & Hobby – These fabulous puppets by Folkmanis nurture the imagination, inspire creativity, and let kids engage interactively.  New York Toy & Hobby has tons of options to choose from!

2013 Gift Guide – Gifts for Elementary Under $100

Gift Guide 2013 Elementary Under 100

1.  Breyer Horse Cruiser, $99, New York Toy & Hobby – Horses and riders can travel in style in Breyer’s clever Cruiser. It’s a combined home and stable on wheels and perfect for any horse fanatic on your holiday list.

2.  Lily Ball, $50, New York Toy & Hobby – This remote control UFO has a built in gyroscope that lets you fly high, hover and bank. The rechargeable Lily Ball is a blast in the dark with LED lights and glow in the dark features.  This would be a huge hit for kids (and dads!)

Shop Local Saratoga!

  • New York Toy & Hobby

Clifton Park Center, Clifton Park NY, (518) 371-8820

  • G. Willikers

461 Broadway, Saratoga Springs NY, (518) 587-2143

  • Northshire Bookstore Saratoga

424 Broadway, Saratoga Springs NY, (518) 682-4200

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