4th of July Crafts, Decorations, Snacks and Events!


With 4th of July fast approaching, we’ve gathered some crafts, DIY Decorations, snacks and activities to help you celebrate with your family! 

4th of july 2014

4th of July Crafts for Kids


Do your kids love watching the fireworks? They can make their own firework pictures using this method from “I Can Teach My Child”. 

Here is another method for kids to create fireworks with paint and q-tips from Sassy Dealz. 


Your kids can great this patriotic garland with a few easy steps from Crafty Corner.


Need an outdoor decoration? Have your kids make wind socks from Preschool Alphabet or Random Thoughts of a Supermom.


DIY 4th of July Decorations

patriotic paper table runner

Create a patriotic paper table runner from East Coast Creative! A cheap and easy way to add color to any table.

patriotic garland

You can also make patriotic garland using a star shape punch, scrap book paper and a sewing machine, like these from Hope and Honey.

 Make your own napkins using solid color napkins and bleach! Like these from Indigo Nation.

Make your own napkins

Create these mason jars from It all Started with Paint to use as a center piece or colorful way to organize for a party!



Another idea for a center piece from She Wears Many Hats, use colored rice, mason jars and tea lights to create these unique decorations.



roll up sugar cookies

4th of July Snacks

Here is a recipe for roll up sugar cookies from Betty Crocker  that include patriotic colors!

A 4th of July twist on a traditional treat, try these red, white and blue rice crispy treats from Lil’Luna.


Kids love Jello! Here is one way to create 4th of July Jello Parfaits from Hoosier Homemade.

4th of July Jello Parfaits

4th of July Events & Activities

red white and blue bubble snakes


Your kids can make colorful snake bubbles using this tutorial from I Can Teach my Child.

You’ll find a few games here at She Know’s Parenting, such as Water Balloon Dodge Ball and Pin the Stripe on the Flag!

Here are some more games using items from around the house to help keep kids occupied at your 4th of July Celebration from Sugar Bee Crafts.

Send kids on a 4th of July Scavenger Hunt with this printable from Moritz Fine Designs.


We hope you enjoy some of these treats, games and crafts with your family! 

Happy 4th of July from SaratogaMama!

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