5 Tips for Better Holiday Photos


As we all get ready for the holidays, one major thing on most everyone’s list is holiday photos. Whether you are getting a family picture done or just the kids, Stephanie from Moments as Art has some tips to get the most out of your holiday photo shoot.

1)      Everyone does NOT need to match.  When deciding what to wear, consider selecting one color and weaving it through in different ways on different people.  For example, if your son is wearing a red plaid vest, maybe have your daughter’s tights or headband be red, then Mom in red heels, and a dash of red in the collared shirt that is under Dad’s sweater.  If everyone was wearing the same color shirt it would likely be overwhelming while also lacking interest.

5 Tips for Better Holiday Photos - Everyone does not need to match

2)      Add in texture – lots of it!  This relates not only to attire but also to the setting itself.  Texture adds interest and dimension to photographs.  Instead of the standard sweaters capture the family outside in wooly winter coats with different accessories (a thick scarf, faux fur muff, mittens, ear muffs, or hats) staggered throughout the family.  Texture in the setting can come from weathered wood, peeling paint, stone or brick work which can add a more authentic feel to a photograph. ­­

5 Tips for Better Holiday Photos - Add Texture

3)      Consider incorporating an activity.  Natural expressions come out easily when activities are involved.  If you appreciate real emotion in addition to traditional smiles, adding activities such as an impromptu race, singing, or playing with the family pet can breathe life into photographs. 5 Tips for Better Holiday Photos - Incorporate an activity
4)                  Use Natural Light If Possible.   In my opinion the purity and beauty of natural light cannot be duplicated.  Typically best results are achieved by avoiding the middle of the day.  Even if you are indoors I suggest you consider utilizing available light as flash can be harsh and unflattering. ­

5 Tips for Better Holiday Photos - Incorporate Natural Light

5)      Consider black and white for your holiday cards.  Generally I love color (lots of it), but depending on the card you select, a black and white photograph may be a good option to avoid clashing and to keep things from looking too busy.  Black and white always possesses a timeless quality as well. 5 Tips for Better Holiday Photos - Consider Black and White


We hope you enjoyed these simple tips for better holiday photos.  If your photos don’t come out great this year, we’ve got a fantastically fun giveaway coming up where you can share your Holiday Photo Bloopers and Outtakes!  Look out for more details soon on the SaratogaMama Facebook page.  Happy Holidays!

Stephanie Oster of Moments As Art is a custom lifestyle photographer specializing in family, child, baby, maternity and pet portraiture.  Finding and capturing the unique personality and beauty of her clients is the inspiration behind each and every session.  Stephanie resides in the Saratoga area with her fiance and their dog (her favorite subject of all)!

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