6 (Sad but True) Wardrobe Essentials for Moms


Real Mom Fashion doesn’t look like this

Recently while perusing my Facebook feed I saw, “Capture Kate Moss’s Style With These 9 Wardrobe Essentials”. Well, of course who does not want to emulate Kate Moss? I clicked through each slide and had the same thought running through my mind, “but it’s freaking Kate Moss!” She may be short by model standards but she’s tall to my barely 5’2″ frame and she’s soooo skinny! Wasn’t she the waif of the 90’s? And then I come back to the fact that she is Kate Moss! It is okay for her to show up at her kid’s school wearing a fedora, a ridiculously over-sized fur coat, tiny leather shorts, and knee high boots, but if I picked my daughter up looking like that I am pretty sure people would be calling CPS because obviously I have gone insane.

This article inspired me to share my own list of essential wardrobe pieces, meant for the real moms out there, no floppy hats required.

Mom Wardrobe Essentials-4

6 Wardrobe Essentials for Moms

Camisole1) The built in bra tank top, or if you want to sound fancy, a camisole.

But for many (not me) a camisole may not be supportive enough so go with the supportive racer back tank; originally meant for working out but no one has to know you did not just come from the gym. What is not to love about a two in one piece of clothing? Easier to put on, quicker to take off, and less laundry, win, win, win.

2) Leggings, also known as yoga pants, also known as the only thing I have worn in the past three months


(but not to be confused with tights – those are never okay to wear as pants!). These pants are so comfortable, there’s no need to change into lounge wear when you get home (again, less laundry to do). Plus you can bend any which way and they will not slip down revealing more of your backside than you prefer. So when your child knocks down a display of canned food at the grocery store you can freely help clean up without fear, or when she throws a tantrum in public, throwing herself on the floor, you can bend over to pick her up, knowing all eyes may be on you but your derriere is covered.  Our favorite pair of leggings are the GTS Live in Leggings.  Enter to WIN a pair below!

tall boots3) A great pair of tall boots (but not too tall)

These babies will take you from Wendy’s to Prime in an instant. Seriously, I have been known to wear my yoga pants all day with Uggs or sneakers then zip on a great pair of tall boots and go to Happy Hour.

4) A large bag or backpack.

Sorry, but even when your little ones are done with diapers you will still be carrying everything under the sun in your bag. Unfortunately your cute little designer bag will have to remain in the closet until your children are of the age where they no longer want to be seen with you.

ponytail holders pretty5) A pony tail holder and if you have a girl, several pony tail holders, on your wrist.

No need to spend money on bracelets because these colorful bands will soon take up all your bare wrist space. Most likely you will forget you all ready have one on and pile on another. Then your daughter will pull hers out at the store or park and you will absentmindedly place it on your wrist. Once in the car you will find one of the floor and place that one on your wrist. Then right before you go to the gym or take your daughter to dance or gymnastics you will go crazy trying to find a pony tail holder because they will all be on your wrist.sunglasses

6) A great pair of sunglasses.

These are a mom’s best friend on those days you have no time for eye make up, or for those mornings when you look in the mirror and realize you forgot to take off your eye makeup from the day before, or for those mornings when you wake up after only having an hour of sleep. Honestly it is too bad we can not wear sunglasses all the time without calling attention to ourselves.

Looking at this list I realize there is not much difference between a mom’s wardrobe and a college student’s wardrobe. Mom’s just have a better excuse for dressing this way.

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  1. “These babies will take you from Wendy’s to Prime in an instant. Seriously, I have been known to wear my yoga pants all day with Uggs or sneakers then zip on a great pair of tall boots and go to Happy Hour.” No truer words have been spoken. #allhailtheyogapant

  2. I also swear buy a clean, bright, white tee that you can dress up or down. Pair with black leggings, skinny jeans or slouchy sweat pants. It’s essential to my wardrobe!

  3. A go-to-(almost)-everyday skinny jean…dress it up, dress it down. Then, the big earings. Big earings can detract from any wardrobe error I’m committing!

  4. For winter a slouchy, tunic length sweater. Throw on over what your child has spit up/wiped their nose/dried their hands on and no one at happy hour will know!

  5. I love GTS clothing, now owning several items. I would love to add these to my collection. What a great local company.

    • Hi Rosemary! Just checking out Saratoga Mama’s blog and had to chime in here. Thanks so much for the kind words. Journey on!

  6. from the minute i get home from work, i shed the dress pants and slip into the yoga pants. now that i’m transitioning back to home more often, i expect i’m going to need to expand my yoga pant collection!! =)

  7. Reading this definately makes me want to seriously reconsider my current wardrobe of sweatpants. My son is almost 15 months old, I can not use him as an excuse anymore, haha.

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