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I want to introduce you to The Adirondack Trust Company, a local Saratoga bank and SaratogaMama sponsor.  I’m very excited that they will be providing us with some financial advice and guidance in future posts.  For now, here are things you probably didn’t know about Adirondack Trust!

The Adirondack Trust Company in Saratoga Springs has consistently been voted the “Best Bank”  in the annual Saratogian Readers Choice Awards, and by the readers of Saratoga Today.  Many are wisely choosing Adirondack Trust as their bank of choice.  They truly are a local Saratoga bank, founded right here in Saratoga Springs in 1901.

The Adirondack Trust Company | Saratoga NY

We recently opened a Golden Passbook Savings account for my son Robby.  I took him to our local branch in Malta and let him be involved in the process of putting his money into an account.  Two lollipops and a potty break later, we were out the door with our money safely held in an account and a “golden passbook” in hand.  The entire process was easy and the customer service was excellent.  I remember as a child having a passbook savings account, so I was glad to see they were still available today.Robby Golden Passbook | Adirondack Trust | Saratoga Bank

Each time we make a deposit, his passbook will be updated to reflect the new balance, and I can also keep track of our account online, free of charge.  Online banking is wonderful for adults, but kids benefit from having something tangible in their hands, which is why I chose the passbook account.

If you are new to this area or are not satisfied with your current financial institution, allow me to introduce you to a different option.  Adirondack Trust is a bank with local management and a very strong community commitment.  I like the idea of a hometown bank and I think you will too.

Adirondack Trust | Saratoga Bank

Founded in 1901, Adirondack Trust is the only locally owned, independent bank headquartered in Saratoga Springs.  With branches throughout Saratoga County,  and branches in Queensbury NY and Glens Falls NY in Warren County, chances are there is a location near you.

Adirondack Trust has been instrumental in helping our community grow resulting in the beautiful city we know and love.  Working with local businesses with loans or other financial services, they help them achieve their financial objectives.  Naturally this leads to growth, which benefits all of us.  From financing a new home to starting a child’s savings account, it can all be done with Adirondack Trust.

The Adirondack Trust Company | Saratoga NY

With a commitment to combining innovative banking with personal, face-to-face service for its customers, Adirondack Trust provides a full array of financial services from checking/savings accounts to mortgages, personal and home improvement loans as well as insurance and investment services.

For all of your financial needs in Saratoga Springs, Malta NY, Ballston Spa, Glens Falls, Saratoga and Warren Counties, The Adirondack Trust Company is a local Saratoga bank that can help you achieve your financial goals.

I encourage you to visit their website at to learn more, and ‘like’ their Facebook page.


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