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Baby Boot Camp has arrived in upstate NY and I’m very excited about it!  To be honest, I’m a little sore but that’s a good thing!

I’m not going to get into all the details because that was covered in my first Baby Boot Camp post.  In short, Baby Boot Camp is a stroller fitness class designed specifically to get moms in shape by combining strength training with cardio drills.

Baby Boot Camp | Clifton Park NY | Fitness for Moms

The class meets in Clifton Park three times a week (M, W, & F) inside Clifton Park Center at 9:00am.  I’ve gone a few times and found the workout to be both fun and effective.  I’m certainly not “in shape”, but I do work out on a regular basis and take classes at the YMCA from Zumba to Pilates.  I honestly didn’t think that I could get a great workout having my kids in tow.  I was quite wrong.

The “workout” for me started mentally the night before, when I packed snack bags, toy bags, towel, water and a host of other needless items.  Getting my two dressed and ready for class was a hustle, but we made it work.  I’ve gone with both my kids (1 & 3) and with just the baby and it’s obviously easier with one child, but still very manageable with two.

Baby Boot Camp | NY | Clifton Park

Instructor Britta (in picture) keeps class interesting for not only the mama’s, but the kids too!  Kid-appropriate music accompanies moms and babes through the Clifton Park Center mall stopping at various locations to do strength training drills mixed with cardio.  A lot you can do at your own pace, so don’t be scared if you haven’t worked out in ages.  Britta does an excellent job ensuring everyone is reaching their potential but not being careless.

The kids are happily engaged both by watching their mama’s sweat it out, the music, the change of scenery, and Britta interjecting when necessary to calm a fussy babe, retrieve a toy or tickle a foot!  Britta is also a personal trainer with tons of tricks up  her sleeve to keep class exciting and never boring.  The fact that she is a personal trainer is an aspect I really like about Baby Boot Camp.  With regular attendance, I know I would see great results.

Baby Boot Camp | Clifton Park NY | Boot Camp Mamas

If you are intimidated by the thought of going to the gym, Baby Boot Camp is perfect.  Join a group of other moms just like you, trying to get fit and be better moms!

If you set a New Year’s resolution to get fit, Baby Boot Camp is a wonderful local option to consider.  I’d encourage you to at least try one class (first class is free!) and give it a go.  There is a great group of mama’s already enrolled and space available for more!  (Check  us out in the picture)

Email Britta if you have questions or need more info at

Baby Boot Camp | Clifton Park NY | Fitness for Moms

Baby Boot Camp
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