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GO Kids If you’re like us, parents who struggle to find a safe and comfortable place for their 2-6 year old to release some energy in a structured setting, we’ve found the answer for you, Go Kids.

Adam Feldman is the founder of Go Kids and his vision and philosophy for the program revolves around his holistic view of creating a healthy lifestyle.  He believes the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is built in the early years of a child’s life.  Go Kids helps to create a lifelong passion for physical activity, increased confidence, improved self-image and overall preparedness for participation in school and the broader community.

Our sales and marketing mama Dianna enrolled her son in Go Kids and has nothing but positive things to say about the program.

From the very start of the class during the welcome song we were already on the move; clapping our hands, shaking our arms, stomping our feet and wiggling our legs.  I immediately recognized that Adam had a passion for working with children!

About the Go Kids Program

Go Kids participants get to try four of Go Kids’ seven sports – soccer, baseball, football, tennis, track and field, hockey and baseball during each 8 week term.   This structure provides the building blocks for basic skills and motor patterns.  A general routine is followed during each class which allows children to become comfortable, while the rotating sports prevent children from becoming bored.

Go Kids in action

Each Go Kids class has two instructors, so the kids really do get lots of individual attention.  Parental involvement is not a requirement and some parents choose to sit on the sidelines, while others are right there in the action.

Go Kids’ classes run for 45 minutes and follow a general routine incorporating gross motor skills, hand-eye/foot-eye coordination and balance activities.

We love that with Go Kids, we can introduce our preschoolers to a variety of sports before making a commitment to one.  Dianna’s son looks forward to going every week and has made some great progress in each of the sports.  We’re loving this program and think you will too!  

Join SaratogaMama and Go Kids on Feb. 20th for an Open House!

We’ll be at SWEAT Fitness in Clifton Park from 10am-1pm on Wednesday, February 20th!  Join us for this drop-in program and let the kids run around and play while you chat with us and learn more about the Go Kids program. Farmie Market will be there providing some snacks and information.

Where I can find Go Kids?

Go Kids Balance Beam

Adam understands how hectic and busy a mom’s life can be and hopes to have a Go Kids class within a 15 minute drive of every 2-6 year old in the capital district by the end of 2013.  First class FREE!  Register Online Here!

  • Monday in Saratoga Springs at Saratoga Rec Center

Times:  2-3 years old 10-10:45  &  3-5 years old 11-11:45

  • Thursdays in Clifton Park at SWEAT Fitness

Times:  2-3 years old 9:30-10:15,  3-5 years old 10:30-11:15  &  5-6 years old 11:30-12:15

  • Saturdays in Wilton at ZUME Fitness 

Times:  3-5 years old 1:30-2:15

  • Sundays in Latham at ABC Sports & Fitness

Times:  2-3 years old 10:30-11:15  &  3-5 years old 11:30-12:15

Want to try Go Kids for yourself?  Enter our Giveaway for a FREE Session!

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  1. We joined the Go Kids team 2 weeks ago and my 2 year old son absolutely LOVES it! He has some special needs and Coach Adam and Coach Kelly could not be more patient, supportive, and encouraging of him. He is truly part of a team – forming friendships, learning new things, and getting tons of exercise. I only wish they had had a program like this when my 6 year old was younger 🙂

  2. My son is only 18 months but this is exactly what I’m looking for for him. And his babysitter lives right next door to the rec center in Saratoga so that would work perfect for us on Mondays! Ohhh, I can’t wait for him to turn 2!!!

  3. My little one turns two in a few weeks, and I am seriously thinking about checking out one of the classes to see if she’s ready. In the meantime, I’d love to be entered into the drawing. Thanks!

  4. Mary, Thank you for the wonderful post! I’m glad Evan is having such a great time.

    Stacy, Lindsay, and Robyn I look forward to having you part of the Go Kids families when your kids are ready to join the team.

    Amy, I love having siblings in the same class. It creates a wonderful dynamic. Feel free to bring your two boys to my 11am class and enjoy your Free Trial class. Also, your second child will get a 20% discount if you choose to register!

    Hey Kelly, I’m working on creating an after school program. What time would work best for your family?

    Thanks for all of the responses!

    Keep on playing.

    Adam (founder of Go Kids)

  5. Hello Tina,

    We would love to have you in our Wilton class. Only 5 spots left, so sign up soon!


    I just launched a Saturday class in Clifton Park. That could be a great fit for your family!


    We have a great group of boys working together in our Monday morning class. There is always room for one more!


    Can’t wait until your grandson turns two!

    Keep on playing.

    Adam (founder of Go Kids)

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