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If you’ve done a recent home renovation or have become a little more conscious of environmental toxins, you’re probably already familiar with Green Conscience Home and Garden in Saratoga.  I chatted with owner Karen Totino recently, who is such a wonderful person to know!

Karen has a genuine way about her that is not at all preachy or over-the-top.  Her solutions for non-toxic and sustainable living are extremely attainable.  She is a wealth of knowledge and a great resource for this community.

“I opened Green Conscience in June 2009.  The store features non-toxic and sustainable interior finishes, lawn and garden products and lifestyle goods,” Karen said.

The beautiful showroom at Green Conscience Home and GardenKaren’s vision for Green Conscience Home & Garden was to offer products that would create not only a non-toxic landscape and exterior of the house, but also a non-toxic interior.

She looks to educate and empower homeowners to make healthier choices for their families.

Now at Green Conscience: Green Nursery Registry!

Green Conscience is pleased to now offer healthy baby furniture, bedding, flooring, paints, wall coverings, diapers, and baby toiletries!  All are invited to a kick-off event next week on December 5th 2012 called Creating a Green Baby Nursery.

Join them for lunch and a sneak preview of green baby products in the Green Conscience Nursery Registry!

Green Conscience Baby Nursery

When: Wednesday, December 5th, 11:30 am – 2 pm

Also presenting Dr. Jessica Davis, the “new mom’s Family Doctor” to talk about creating a safe, nontoxic home environment.

Where: Green Conscience, 33 Church Street, Saratoga Springs NY

Luncheon: Locally sourced, courtesy of Green Conscience & Tidy Tots Diapers

RSVP to – you’ll be entered in a drawing for a Tidy Tots Twin Set!

Healthy Home Improvement at Green Conscience

From flooring, to wall coverings and paint, nursery furniture to beds and bedding, Green Conscience has a wide variety of products to suit your needs and budget.

Non-toxic flooring at Green Conscience


The floors in your home don’t need to be chemical laden.  Natural wool, for example, was one of the first carpet fibers. Durable, naturally fire resistant, and warm, it just makes more sense.  Wood floors can also come with low VOC finishes. Not only that, you can reuse flooring from a reclaimed lumber distributor and keep the whole process sustainable! From reclaimed wood to cork flooring to wool carpeting, there are plenty of non toxic and low VOC options.


Everyone’s heard about the horror of lead paints, but even traditional paints carry their own load of dangerous chemicals. There are paints out there that are high performance and don’t agitate asthma, allergies, or leave a smell.

Some people want a little more character, so go with expensive wall coverings or stylized faux finishes. These all come with their own toxic impact. Another option is to go with an all natural finish such as clay plaster for walls. Why apply the faux finish when you can just as easily (and less dangerously) use the real thing?


Organic mattress at Green ConscienceMost people spend around one third of their life in their bed yet never think about the quality of their bedding.  Mattresses, pillows, and sheets pack quite a chemical punch.  You get a chance to breathe in flame retardants until your blue in the face!  Fortunately, there are cotton, wool, and natural latex options for bedding that let you sleep easier and deeper.  Studies have shown that adults and babies alike keep a more consistent and slower heartbeat when sleeping on natural fibers!

You’ll notice that all of these “new” healthy products are not new at all! They are not claiming to contain non-toxic chemicals; they are simply utilizing basic, old world, natural materials.

It’s time to make the choice to keep ourselves and families healthy!

Visit Green Conscience

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  1. Fantastic article! Absolutely agree that Green Conscience is THE destination for sustainable, non-toxic products for the home. Karen is a wealth of information, this is not your average home improvement store, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll learn something you didn’t know with every visit! Also check out Organiworks’ Earth Mama Angel Baby starter bundle available at Green Conscience!

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