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Mapleleaf Childcare CenterI’ve been watching the progress of the brand new Maple Leaf Childcare Center location on Route 9 in Malta and it’s now officially open for business.  The building is beautiful inside and out!  We spoke with owner Linda Moran and found out the scoop on Maple Leaf Childcare Center.  

Since 1988 Maple Leaf Childcare Center has been family owned and operated, giving children ages six weeks through twelve years the foundation they need to build self-esteem and become lifelong learners.

Maple Leaf Childcare CenterLinda and John Moran opened their first center in Guilderland, New York, with a licensed home based center that quickly expanded to the Carman Rd. facility in Schenectady.  Now the business has expanded to five locations including two Malta locations, one in Glenville, Guilderland, and Rotterdam.

A Family Business

Linda and John each share an active role in the daily day to day operation of each childcare center. Linda serves as Executive Director and John as financial & maintenance director.  Their daughter Katie is now the Assistant Director of the newest Malta facility.

Maple Leaf Childcare Center in MaltaAbout the New Malta Facility

The 5th Maple Leaf Childcare Center on Route 9 in Malta is a state of the art, 16,000 square foot building with an indoor gym & rock climbing wall and library.  School-age children enjoy an art and science center, diner, stage for productions and their own playground.

MapleLeaf ChildCare Grand Opening

You’re invited!

This Saturday, May 11th, Maple Leaf Childcare is having a Grand Opening Celebration at the new Malta location.  Join them from 10am-2pm for giveaways, raffles, a clown, food and drinks, B95.5 radio station, Malta Fire and Police department, and a ribbon cutting at noon!

Five Core Values

Maple Leaf Childcare has five core values that they practice at all of their centers each day:

  1. Maple Leaf Childcare CenterSafety
  2. Family
  3. Nature
  4. Discovery
  5. Play

Parents can connect with their child’s teacher throughout the day with classroom iPads through a program called Daily Connect. This application is accessible for families on their smart phone or the Daily Connect Website.  As a high-tech mama, this feature is very appealing to me and I would feel very confident knowing I could check in on the kiddos periodically.

Maple Leaf Childcare Center prides itself in professional, caring, dedicated staff that provide quality childcare with low turnover.

Please call or stop into one of the centers for a tour. The administrative team would love to help you out in enrolling your child today!

Maple Leaf Childcare Center Locations

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  1. Maple Leaf in Malta has been great for my family! Although we chose not to switch to the new center for logistics reasons, we stopped in to see some of my daughter’s favorite teachers this morning and it was amazing! So happy for the Morans and all the staff and families that are in their new home.

  2. Let me start this by saying I couldn’t say better things about the individual classroom teachers. I find that they are kind and really take an interest in the children.

    That being said, the leadership in the front is terrible. I don’t know whether its individual favoritism to particular families or what now, but the way my daughters transition from classroom to classroom couldn’t have been done worse. She was one of the first out of her initial room even though she was among the youngest (3 children, out of 7 who were to remain in the center were allowed to stay in their original room and ease into a toddler room when they turned 18 months). My daughter was forced to transition right before the holidays in a truncated transitioning (normally the child is given two weeks, my daughter was given a SINGLE week because of the oncoming holiday). She was positively despondent.

    Back then I was told “transitioning had nothing to do with age” a fact that I now guess was to excuse why some of the other older children got to remain in the room and not be kicked out like my daughter. Fine. I worked her through it and fast forward less than three months and I get ANOTHER letter indicating its time to transition again.

    This time I spoke up early and said “why is she being moved so soon, she just got used to it?” The response is “well, its an age thing” Wow, now its an age thing…. Then I have some questions of my own. While I can accept that its a state law that 18+ months require movement to a toddler room. But I have a LOT of questions of my own. Why was my daughter never given the opportunity for a single transition as was the case for several other children in her first room? I nearly begged to keep her in that room past the holidays so that her father could be back home too (oh yeah, her father was out of town on assignment through her supposed transition- they didn’t care about her instability at home) I wonder, is that a privilege only bestowed to those parents who have multiple children in the center? If thats the case, can I know ahead of time what else this center plans to ding her on just because she’s an only child.

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