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We are big fans of Organiworks here at SaratogaMama and featured their Acure Body Lotion in our ‘What We’re Loving Now’ section of our magazine.  Owner and mama Jennifer Zhao shares a bit about the business and offers a $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway prize to one lucky reader!  

1 – What is Organiworks and what made you start the business?

Organiworks is your local purveyor of all-natural, toxin-free, personal care products. We select the highest quality skin, hair, and mom and baby products that really work, contains no harmful ingredients, and are actually affordable for the average family. I started the business during the time my son was born. I knew I wanted to stay away from conventional products with preservatives, hormone disruptors, and other toxins, but it was almost impossible to navigate through the sea of products claiming to be natural or even organic, then discovering that a large portion of them actually are far from safe.

I started Organiworks because I wanted to make it easier for other moms to find high quality personal care products for themselves and their babies.

Instead of representing any one company, I chose to stay independent and objective so that I can truly offer a range of different options to consider. The best part is that you can rest assured that everything we offer is 100% safe for you and your family!

2- In your opinion, what is the most important reason to choose natural/organic skincare?

There are so many reasons to choose natural skin care, from environment to health, from economics to animal protection. In Organiworks nail polishmy opinion, the most important one is to provide safe skin protection and nourishment for our children and babies. Our baby’s skin is 10 times thinner than adults’, toxins from lotions, shampoos, diaper creams can more easily be absorbed through their skin compared to ours. Their tiny bodies and immature immune systems are also less capable of dealing with those toxins which in many cases cause devastating effects to their growing bodies. Pregnant moms should also be extra careful because toxins can also easily pass to the developing baby and accumulate over time.

3 – What are some of the top products you sell and also, what are some of YOUR personal favorites?

Organiworks at ArtiqueSome of our top sellers are the Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm, angel baby wash, and angel baby lotion. For moms, the Deep Steep lotion and Acure lotions are very popular.

My personal favorites are the Pangea Organics Matcha Green Tea Mask and the Acure Organics Brightening Scrub with Sea Kelp and Chlorella factor. The green tea mask does everything you need, deep cleanses without drying, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, leaving skin radiant and revitalized. The Acure facial scrub is what you need when you want baby soft skin. Use it weekly and you won’t believe your skin can be so soft!

4 – How do you select the products you carry?

I love to select top quality products with only the best ingredients. The first test is studying the ingredient list. There can’t be anything remotely toxic, for example any products or brands with parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEGs or any petroleum derivedchemical, sodium laureth sulfate, formaldehyde releasers, ingredients with animal testing are automatically disqualified.

Acure Organics at Organiworks

Sad but true, this leave only about 10% of products that claim they are natural, green, or even organic. If the product passes the ingredient test, I obtain a sample and try it on myself, and willing volunteers. (By the way, if you want to receive free products to test, email me!) The testing stage usually lasts several months since it takes time to learn how the product works and who it works best for. Then, the best of the best is offered for my wonderful customers!

I always offer a 100% money back guarantee since I know that even though it’s a great product, it may not work for every person.

I’d much rather help you find the right product that works for you than for you to keep something you will never use!

5 – Where can people find Organiworks?

I try to make Organiworks accessible to everyone. I offer free local delivery in the Capital Region including Saratoga Springs! You can order online at or you can stop by any of my 5 locations in the Capital Region:

  • Artique Co-op, Plaza 8, 1536 Crescent Road Clifton Park NY
  • Artique Co-op, Colonie Center Mall, Colonie NY
  • Blu Tea Company, 111 Park Avenue Mechanicville, NY
  • Inside Out Beauty Consulting, 1090B Loundon Road, Latham, NY
  • Office of Dr. Jessica Davis, 781 Hudson Ave, Suite 2, Stillwater, NY

Any questions or special requests, please feel free to contact me directly: 518-894-8766 or email

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Organic Body Scrub Workshop

Make your own Organic Body Scrub with Organiworks!

Organiworks and Tiny Tots Tea Room are hosting an event on Friday, March 29th. You can find more information here or purchase tickets directly on the Organiworks website.

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  1. Spring McNicol on

    We would use it for lotion (deep steep and baby) for sure. My daughter and I have used just about every drop we have in this house! 🙂

  2. Christine R. on

    I’ve worked with Jennifer from Organiworks before and in addition to being wonderful to work with she delivered my items to my door! So helpful!

    • Christine R. on

      Oops, pushed publish before I was finished! I’ve purchased the all natural nail polish remover as a gift but really would like to try it for myself 🙂

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