All About: the Children’s Museum of Science & Technology


I recently took the kids to the Children’s Museum of Science and Technology (CMOST) in Troy.  CMOST is a wonderful spot for kids of all ages and we really enjoyed our visit.
I’m not a big fan of driving in Troy, but I was able to easily find my way to the museum.  They have a big parking lot and a ramp to accommodate strollers.  Robby walked and I had Angie in the stroller.

Upon entry, we were greeted by a friendly gal at the front desk who encouraged us to get busy with the exhibits.  The museum is small, but contains many interactive exhibits that my kids enjoyed including a weather broadcast simulator, Operation Wild the reptile exhibit, wind power generator, recycled object art project area, a cool dome theater, interactive play room and lots more.  Movies in the dome are $1 per person and last about 20 minutes.  We attempted an astronaut movie, but Robby got scared. It would otherwise have been a cool experience though.  We recorded our own weather broadcast in front of a green screen and got to watch a play-back.  We learned about wind power, gravity, played with magnets, and watched a lizard eat lunch.

One thing I really liked about CMOST is that they have a really nice kitchen/dining area open to all.  We brought snacks and drinks and were able to sit down in a bright and clean room (with high chairs & booster seats) and enjoy.  You can see it in my picture below.  I like being able to pack a lunch and have a nice spot to eat it.  They have a vending machine, but no other food for sale.

CMOST offers mommy & me classes, summer camp programs, annual memberships, and they have birthday party packages.   I think it would be a really nice spot for a party, if you don’t mind driving a little.  CMOST is definitely worth a trip to Troy!  It’s educational and fun for kids of all ages.  Admission is $5 per person for kids over 2.  CMOST will be included in the 2012 Entertainment Book with a buy one get one free admission.

Children’s Museum of Science and Technology
250 Jordan Road
(in Rensselaer Technology Park)
Troy, New York 12180
Phone:   518-235-2120
Admission is $5 per person (under 2 are free).


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  1. What are your thoughts on having a 3 year olds birthday party here? I was loving the bubblology themed party for my daughter, but not sure if she is still too young? Any thoughts? Most of the children coming would be her age, or some cousins that are older.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I actually think it would be a good fit for a 3 year old; especially a girl because they tend to be a bit more attentive. My son was 3 when we went and he really loved it. The staff there is very helpful so maybe give them a call and see what they’ll do. Hopefully they can tailor the party so it’s more appropriate for your daughter. Let us know if you end up going with it!

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