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The Puppet People are a professional touring puppet company celebrating their 19th year in business and are located in Schenectady, NY.

As a husband and wife team, Mark Carrigan and Michelle Smith-Carrigan have been entertaining people for over 20 years and perform at about 160 venues per year. Mark Carrigan holds a BFA in sculpture from UMASS and Michelle Smith-Carrigan earned a BA in Theatre from SUNY Albany.

The Puppet PeopleThe Puppet PeopleThe Puppet People’s primary business is performing for elementary schools, they also perform in many small theaters, museums, libraries and festivals.

The Puppet People also do Birthday Parties!

The Puppet People have 9 shows in repertoire.  Mark and Michelle create all of their own puppets, scenery, costumes, masks, staging and scripts.  They use many different styles of puppets in their shows including: hand puppets, rod puppets, mouth puppets, shadow puppets, body puppets, parade puppets and marionettes.

We have a studio space at 920 Albany St. in Schenectady where we create our shows and puppet characters and have built custom puppets for many local theaters and businesses as well.

In addition to puppet shows and performances, The Puppet  People conduct puppet building and manipulation workshops.

Here’s a neat video about how The Puppet People make puppets:

We are dedicated to inspiring young minds through the ancient art of puppetry, great literature, fantastic music along with a strong lesson.

The Puppet People

The Puppet People
1236 Waverly Place
Schenectady, New York 12308

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