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Amazing Athletes of the Capital Region

Amazing Athletes is a year-round developmental sports and fitness program for children 2-6 years old.  The program teaches children the basic fundamentals and mechanics of 9 different sports and incorporates activities proven to build and mature a child’s motor development, hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular fitness.  Each class also incorporate two sports, activities to promote stretching and muscle tone, and games and obstacle courses to keep your child moving while having a blast.

Amazing Athletes Class

We met owner Jessica Perrott recently at an Amazing Athletes trial class in Clifton Park and really enjoyed it.  Jessica and her team are all terrific with the kids and Robby and Angie loved running around and felt immediately at ease.

The major goals of the program are to build self-confidence and set kids on a path to an active lifestyle.

Amazing Athletes incorporates the 7 key areas of motor-development to make sure that every child is comfortable moving in their own body. This gives them greater confidence to try new things in the future.  By introducing kids to a variety of sports and physical activities they have a greater chance of finding a few things they like. This gives them active options that they can pursue as they grow.

Amazing AthletesJessica Perrott, Owner of Amazing Athletes, brought the program to the Capital Region in 2009, and the program is now offered in over 20 schools and daycare centers.  She is excited to announce that they are now offering classes at community locations in Colonie, Clifton Park, Delmar and Malta.

The classes run in 6-week sessions and start in January.  A full session of classes is $78.00 and the first class is Free!

Jessica and her coaches understand that exercise is not only good for your child’s health, but regular exercise is crucial to your child’s brain development.  Providing an opportunity for young children to participate in physical activities in a fun, non-competitive, learning-based environment is one of the main goals of the program.

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Amazing Athletes of the Capital Region
Jessica Casey Perrott, Owner

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  1. I would love her to play field hockey because I did in high school, but I will support her in whatever she decides.

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