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Cozi Family CalendarWhen I first began researching the Cozi app, a free family organizing app for smartphones, I did not think I would find it useful at this point in my life. It seemed a great app for families with older children who are more independent, have their own smartphones, and are no longer reliant on mom and dad to get them where they need to go. And while it definitely is a great tool for families like this, I was pleasantly surprised to find it is also a great tool for anyone needing to get a bit more organized. I knew this the instant I started the set up and the first question asked was, ‘what day does your garbage get picked up?  Cozi now sends my husband and I a reminder the night before garbage day. No more weeks being stuck with an over stuffed garbage because we forgot to take the garbage out!

Cozi-LogoWhat Is Cozi?

Cozi is an app that will keep your calendar, shopping list, to do list, and even a journal with your favorite pictures, thoughts, and memories, all stored in one place. Simply click on the app to see what you have scheduled for the day, if you need to stop at the grocery store, and if there is anything you can check off of your to do list.

Cozi will also let you know when family movies are being released in the theater so you will always be up to date on when those movies you intend to see are playing.  If you accept the request during set up, you will also receive ‘Acts of Kindness’ ideas each week such as donating pet food to an animal shelter, raking your neighbors lawn, or baking cookies for a friend or relative.

photo(1)Once you sign up for Cozi you also gain access to their website at called Live Simply. On this site you will find recipe ideas along with ingredient lists, tips for organizing your home, articles featuring parenting topics, and much more.

In addition to the free app Cozi also has a paid subscription option that offers even more organizing tools including a contact list, a birthday calendar and different decorative themes. Cozi Gold costs $29.95 a year.

Is Cozi Worth Downloading?

The initial app is free and since I only need a few of the perks offered on Cozi (like garbage day reminders, and a sharedphoto calendar with my husband so he does not ‘forget’ certain events), I find the free app to be enough. The set up is easy and since it is free it is definitely worth trying it out. You can always delete it if you are not using it. If you find you are using it often and want to take advantage of the other options offered in the paid subscription you can upgrade at any time.

Overall I am happy to have discovered the Cozi app. Having access to recipe ideas and shopping lists along with reminders for the garbage to be taken out and other little chores and errands that may get overlooked, has been helpful as my schedule gets crazier with school and sports.  As my kids get older I am sure I will find this app even more beneficial and may even go for the gold at some point!

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