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Ever wake up in the morning with a feeling of content happiness after a great night’s sleep only to suddenly realize it is your mom’s, sister-in-law’s, best friend’s, or college roommate’s birthday and the card you bought with the best of intentions is still sitting on your kitchen counter waiting for a stamp? Or better yet, ever realize the stack of holiday cards you have been meaning to bring to the post office are still in your car and the holidays are in two days? While a phone call or quick Facebook message may make you feel like less of a terrible person, thanks to the new aphoto 1(1)pp, Incubate,  you may be able to save face without really admitting you ever dropped the ball.

Incubate is a brand new, free app, currently in soft launch on iPhones, but soon to be fully launched and available on androids as well. This app owned by Chronogram, LLC but developed by local techies (yes, that’s right getting this app will not only benefit you but will also help out some very talented local computer technicians), is described as a “digital time capsule,” allowing users to record and send messages, videos, pictures, and texts up to 25 years in the future. Admittedly it is a little presumptuous to assume the same kind of technology will exist that far in to the future and your e-mail and cell phone numbers will still be the same, it is still a pretty cool concept. And as far as using it for more realistic time lines, say a year or two, this app is pretty genius and will surely benefit those of us who could use a little assistance in making sure we make our loved ones feel loved on their special days.

You can currently download Incubate for free on the  itunes store. Once downloaded you choose text, voice, picture, or video to create your message, then select who will receive the message and when. You must invite your friends and family to download Incubate in order for them to receive messages. Incubate works in all time zones;  if you are sending a message to Italy and want it to arrive at 3:00pm, your message will be received at 3:00 pm in Italy. Another unique feature is the ability to create an account for your young children. In the ‘Nursery’ you can create a future account and store messages to be received at a much later date (say 25 years later).photo 3(1)

While my mind flooded with ideas of creating adorable videos of the kids wishing their cousins in New Orleans happy birthdays and holiday greetings, I also started realizing all the other fun and creative ways this app could be used:

  • Making predictions about who will win a game or how a television show will end and sending it to your friend or spouse to be received at the very moment an ending is revealed.
  • Taking a video of yourself before embarking on a new adventure in life, whether having a baby, starting a new job, or beginning a weight loss/ exercise program and setting the video to be sent to yourself and loved ones six months to one year later.
  • Taking a video or picture of your wedding day and setting it to send to your spouse every year on your anniversary.
  • Recording a sports game of your child playing and setting it to send a few years in the future to see how much they have improved their game.
  • Capturing a special moment with someone and making sure they receive it a couple times a year to remind that person of how much you care.

The possibilities are endless. As it says in the description on itunes, “… there are 67 billion uses or more”!

So the question left now is, ‘how will you use it?’


Incubate, Chronogram L.L.C.


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