Don’t Let Facebook Keep You From Being In The Moment


Be in the MomentOne word to describe Facebook is ‘addicting’ Let’s face it, very few of us are immune to the social media Find me on Facebook!phenomenon that has taken place over the last five or so years. There was a time not so long ago when moms would meet up for play dates and discuss their favorite soap operas or night time dramas like ‘Sex and The City” and “Desperate Housewives”, but now reality has become way more interesting and  gossip worthy than fiction. Reality television slowly began taking over the air ways and (like it or not) Kim Kardashian and Bethany Frankel became household names. For reality stars, the ability to share every waking moment with the public through social media outlets has only increased their fame, and in doing so, their net worth.

But social media is not just for the rich or famous. It is also for us mere mortals who do not have camera crews following us around on a regular basis. So of course it is fun and even fascinating to be able to post moments Facebook-Like-Buttonand pictures from our own lives and share them with a larger audience. It is our own taste of the celebrity life and every now and then a moment of fame when a post or picture goes viral or at least gets over 50 likes.

But here’s the thing, sometimes this ability to share so much in an instant is not always a good thing. And if your career does not depend on it, it is not really necessary. Over the holidays there are so many fun events, great pictures and silly stories about where your elf ended up during the night to share. I love seeing all of these posts, but I often wonder why people are sharing these stories and pictures during the wonderful moments rather than after they occur.

How can you truly be in the moment and enjoying everything if you are busy sharing it all on Facebook?

Modern technology has certainly made it easy to do this but no matter how little time it may take to share these posts, it is still a distraction that is keeping you from being fully present. Take the pictures so you have the memories, but then put your phone down and share them later. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a quiet night with your spouse during this crazy time of year, enjoy the night. Take a selfie but wait and post it the next day. If you are celebrating a mom’s night out (because we all deserve one this time of year), take all the fun photos you want but then put your phone down, pick up a drink and have fun. The pictures will still be there to share in the morning. Christmas morning do not share your pictures and videos of your children as they are still soaking in all the merriment of the day. Wait until you are in the car driving to Grandma’s for dinner to share.

This holiday season and even beyond the season let us try to be more cognizant of how we are spending our time with our loved ones. Having your nose in your phone all the time, whether you are sharing pictures, or checking other people’s status is distracting you from precious moments. In the end it is the moments that matter, not the number of likes a post gets. When you post something after the moment it is even more meaningful because people will realize you were too busy enjoying yourself rather than posting to Facebook.

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