A Beginners Guide to Yoga


Guest blogger, Faye Annis from GTS Clothing shares some tips on getting started with yoga. 


Interested in starting yoga, but not quite sure about it? Alright, take a deep breath in through the nose… and a deep breath out through the mouth. See you’ve already started! Seeing experienced yogi’s on the cover of Yoga Journal doing poses that seem almost impossible can be intimidating. However, starting a routine yoga practice isn’t about that, it’s about making your practice your own. We’ve made a list of a few important things to note before starting yoga for the first time!

A Beginners Guide to Yoga


1. Find a yoga studio

Finding the right studio is the first step. Ideally finding one nearby makes it easier. We recommend looking for a studio that focuses on all types of yoga (including beginner) instead of taking a class at a gym or wellness center. Going to a yoga studio will help you easily transition into a mindful yogi.

Not sure where to start? You can find a listing of local yoga studios in this post from Amber at Truly Living.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes

This is really important – you want to be able to move, so yoga or athletic clothing is a must! If you’re taking a heated class, wearing shorts/crops and tank is probably best. For regular class, wearing layers can be helpful, especially towards the beginning and end of class.

3. Props

Ask the instructor at the beginning of class if you’ll need any props. Yoga props include blocks, straps, blankets, etc. The yoga instructor will be able to tell you what you’ll need for that specific class and the studio will provide the props for you.

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4. New Student Discounts

Being a new student at a yoga studio usually means you get a free class or a discount on your first few sessions! Take advantage of this! Being a new student allows you to take different types of classes with different instructors to see what fits you best.

5. What to Eat Before Class

Try not to eat a full/heavy meal before class. Drinking water with a light snack is best, since you will be moving your body in all sorts of ways. Remember to always hydrate after class with plenty of water though – especially if you sweat!

6. Studio Etiquette

Many yoga studios have a few rules they hope their students will follow, it’s important to respect these rules. Here are a few examples to look for:

  • Try to get to class 10-15 minutes early. This ensures time to check in, find a spot in the studio, and it also allows the instructor to start class on time.
  • Take off your shoes and coat and leave them in the designated area of the studio.
  • Bring a towel
  • Bring a water
  • Turn cell phones off
  • Try not to leave before class is over, this can disrupt the flow of the class

Keep in mind that yoga is NEVER a competition, it’s a personal practice. Starting yoga should be exciting because you’ll notice in time the many advantages – both physically and mentally – yoga can have!

~Faye Annis, @Faye_Kathleen_

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