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Usually when a package arrives at our door it is one of two things: a boring, work related item for my husband or something fun and exciting for the kids. But last week I was the one jumping for joy as I heard the delivery truck pull into our driveway. I knew inside the neatly wrapped box were deluxe sized samples of some of the latest and greatest beauty products just waiting for me to give them a try!

I admit at first I was slightly disappointed. I was looking forward to some great skincare product or a new lipstick color but upon further inspection I was quite pleased. Here is the lowdown on the products inside my January BirchBox:

Birchbox January

  • 100% Pure: Fruit Pigmented MascaraPure: Fruit Pigmented Mascara

I love getting samples of mascara because mascara has a shelf life of three months. I have sensitive dry eyes so I only end up wearing it occasionally and a full sized bottle would go to waste. This mascara may be a game changer though! 100% Pure is an all natural, conditioning mascara that is made with real fruit pigments and did not irritate my eyes at all. In fact it did not even feel like I was wearing mascara but it lengthened and thickened them, giving me the lashes I had years ago before age and eye drops thinned them. Even more miraculous was the absence of any clumping and black ashy sprinkles that sometimes occur with mascara. At the end of the day it still looked completely fresh and was easy to remove. 

  • derma e: Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Body Balmderma e: Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Body Balm

I am not usually a fan of small packets of products as I do not feel you can really sample something without being able to use it more than once or twice. However, I read a great tip about poking a pin sized hole in these types of samples which allows you to use the product longer. Because of that tip I now cherish these packets as they are great travel companions. Two of these packets could last me a week which means no heavy bottles taking up room in my suitcase. This body balm is very moisturizing and perfect for rough heels, elbows, hands or knees.

  • Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Shampoo and ConditionerGilchrist & Soames London Collection Shampoo and Conditioner

These antioxidant rich formulas are light, nourishing, and smell amazing! I am very particular about my haircare so while I may not be switching over to these products, I do appreciate the opportunity to sample them. I love the clean, classic bottles they are in and they make the perfect addition to my guest bathroom; displayed nicely in a basket with some body lotion they add a nice luxury, hotel feel for our guests (not that we have any but when we do…)!

  • Birchbox Find Alert: Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion with Clary SageBurt’s Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion with Clary Sage

Every now and then Birchbox comes across a mass-market product they find worthy of including in their box of samples. These products are not sold by Birchbox but can be found in local, grocery, and specialty retailers nationwide and Birchbox includes a coupon that can be used to purchase the product at a discount. This month’s sample is from the popular Burt’s Bees collection and is a nice light but moisturizing facial lotion. 


Bottom Line:
Out of the products I received I highly recommend the 100% Pure mascara to anyone that wears contact lenses and/or has sensitive eyes. It is $18 for the full sized product and can be purchased at As for the other products, I may not be purchasing them but I enjoyed sampling them and appreciate the new decor in my bathroom as well as knowing the next time I travel my suitcase will be a little lighter!

To try Birchbox for yourself please click here and if you do please do not hesitate to share your own reviews in the comments section!! We would love to hear from you!

 ~ Jan

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