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It’s 2am and baby spikes a fever.  You remember somewhere in the medicine cabinet you had some children’s tylenol but the date has expired and the dosing instructions are unclear.  Or, it’s the start of a busy work day and you develop your typical UTI symptoms but don’t have time to schedule an appointment.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick up the phone and be connected to a doctor who can advise you on what to do or call in a simple prescription for you?  

We all have some form of health insurance but I hear over and over again from parents that the coverage stinks, the copays are high, the deductible is either too high or too low, their favorite doctor is “out of network”, and the list goes on and on.  While my families health insurance is decent, our deductible is so high that we basically pay full price out of pocket for anything other than a well visit or physical.  I was really excited to learn about a new service in the Capital Region called Upstate Concierge Medicine.

Upstate Concierge Medicine provides telemedicine services which includes 24/7 access to a local and compassionate health care provider.  Calls can be via telephone, video conference and/or email anytime day or night.  With Upstate Concierge Medicine, you no longer need to wait days for an appointment, or take time off of work only to wait again in the waiting room, pay a co-pay, have two minutes with the doctor and end up leaving with half of your questions unanswered.

For $12 per month, Upstate Concierge Medicine can….

  • Prescription-padDiagnose and treat common disorders such as a cold, flu, ear infection, allergies, insect bites, pink eye, UTI’s, bronchitis, pediatric concerns and more!
  •  Send prescriptions directly to your pharmacy when appropriate
  • Refer you to a specialist in your area if needed
  • Provide information and education
  • Provide follow up and preventive care

I recently met owner and doctor Mike Bibighaus from Upstate Concierge Medicine.  Mike lives in Clifton Park with his wife and their family which includes four children and one foster child.  He is friendly, approachable, and someone I would definitely trust with the care of myself or my family.


I recommend at least checking out Upstate Concierge Medicine and the services they provide to supplement your health insurance.

Upstate Concierge Medicine

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Or call: 844-4-VIP-DOC (844-484-7362)

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