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For as long as I can remember, music has been a huge part of my life.  I have taken music lessons since I was a child, studied music in college and even went to school in Canada (OIART) where I completed a program in audio engineering.  I play guitar, bass, piano and sing.  Music is one of those hobbies that I take with me everywhere I go.  While I would never force a love of music upon my children, I will always guide and encourage them through music in every way I can.

I was really excited to discover Modern Day Music in Clifton Park.  It’s located near Chipotle in Clifton Park Center.  Over the summer I toured their facility and was extremely impressed.  It is hip, modern, inviting and defies just about everything you would expect from traditional music lessons.  Their philosophy is that when music students play the music they want to play, they will learn better. I agree with this approach as a mom and as a musician.

Modern Day Music offers private music lessons in voice, piano, guitar, bass and drums, and courses in audio recording but their most unique offering by far is Rock School

Every student who desires to enroll in Rock School begins by being attending weekly 40 minute Private Coaching Sessions.  When the student is ready, their coach/mentor will guide them into Rock School where they will be teamed up with other students of their level and musical interest to form a band!  Think of it like a professionally guided garage band without any of the usual drama!  Enrollment in Rock School includes a weekly lesson, a guided ‘jam-session’ and periodic performance opportunities.

The program that really caught our attention was the Little Rockers program.  This is a special program for kids 3-6.  Robby is currently enrolled in Little Rockers and is having a blast.  His teacher, Miss Lesley is friendly, fun, talented and very patient with the kids.  They learn about and play various instruments, practice rhythm using fun techniques, sing catchy songs and just have fun!  The 45 minute class is a great introduction to the world of music.  It’s not a mama-and-me class, so I have enjoyed sitting outside in MDM’s comfy lounge while listening to the kids do their thing.

Modern Day Music is an excellent choice for local families pursuing music training and education.  I can see our kids enjoying learning music in this setting and especially being able to learn using the music they love.  Who knows, I may just start taking those drum lessons that I’ve always dreamed about…

Modern Day Music – Rock School Music Academy
Clifton Park Center (left of Hair & Body Essentials)


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  1. My two kids, ages 10 and 13, take lessons at Modern Day Music (guitar, voice and piano). We are absolutely thrilled with the staff, the venue and the instructors! I’m so thankful that Rock School is now in our area.

  2. Yes ! I love this place. I teach lessons with Dave on guitar and he is incredible. He is such a good player and his sense of humor is second to none. Easily my favorite 40 minutes of the week!

  3. I also take lessons with Dave at the Rock School. I get the impression that he really wants his students to succeed at what they are trying to do both musically and just in life. Even old guys like me! i always leave feeling inspired. I also know Joe the drummer and he is wicked as well. Thank you Rock School!!

  4. I found your blog through the Rock School Facebook page! We LOVE rock school! My daughter takes lessons with Dave too. He is an incredible guitarist and person to talk with. His sense of humor is world class, too!

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