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I was introduced to cloth diapering last year by Vikki Ahmed of Sonrise Diaper Service & Retail Store.  Sonrise has a retail location near Albany, NY but the diaper service area reaches up to Saratoga NY and beyond!  Vikki is truly an expert and I soon learned that the modern world of cloth diapering offers some very impressive options.

There are many different types of cloth diapers and each have their own benefits.

  • All-in-ones (AIO’s),
  • Pocket diapers
  • All-in-twos (AI2’s)
  • Hybrids
  • Prefolds with covers

BumGenius | Cloth DiaperingThe AIO’s are the most like disposables in their shape. They are all one piece and there’s no stuffing them. One of the most popular brands that makes AIO’s is bumGenius.

Fuzzibunz | Cloth Diapering

The pocket diapers are just what they sound like; a cloth diaper with a pocket that you stuff with an absorbent cloth. Fuzzibunz makes a popular pocket diaper.

AI2’s contain an outer shell and the absorbent pads snap into the diaper, so there’s no stuffing a pocket.

gdiapers | Cloth Diapering | HybridHybrids have become a popular option also. They have both a disposable liner that you can toss, or you can use reusable cloth pads. G-diapers are a popular brand for hybrids.

The other option is the prefolds with covers. This is what you’ll use when going through a diaper service such as Sonrise.  It has on outer cover with a pre-folded cloth insert.   The cloth insert is what the service washes for you.

Sonrise Diaper Service & Retail Store is a great local stop to get started with cloth diapering. There’s a ton of diapers available, and really great diapering accessories including wetbags, creams, inserts, sprayers, laundry soaps, and cloth wipes. Vikki is a wealth of knowledge on cloth diapering and will gladly answer any questions you have & will help you troubleshoot if you have a problem. She hosts a monthly Cloth Diapering 101 class at her store (inside of Polkadots Consignment) in Guilderland.  The next class date is January 27th @6:30 pm.

Sonrise Diaper Service | Albany NY | Cloth DiaperingSpeaking of the service… Sonrise Diaper Service delivers from Catskill NY all the way to Queensbury NY, and everywhere in between including Malta, Clifton Park and Saratoga. You pre-select the number of pre-folds and the size you’ll need. They get delivered/picked up once a week.  The delivery service can also deliver cloth wipes. My opinion is, if you’re going to cloth diaper you might as well use the wipes.

Changing Diapers: The hip mom’s guide to modern cloth diapering | Giveaway!At Sonrise you can pick up this fantastic book called “Changing Diapers: The hip mom’s guide to modern cloth diapering” by Kelly Wels. It is the most up-to-date comprehensive guide I have ever read and I highly recommend it if you’re even thinking about cloth diapering. (Psst… you can win a copy below!)

For those of you that use daycare you might be wondering does daycare accept cloth diapers? Most day care centers will. “Changing Diapers” recommends that a good intro might be to approach the director and say, “We cloth diaper, what can we do to make this work here?” This way it will set the tone as positive and not as a hurdle to jump over.

A great resource for daycares & cloth diapering is the Real Diaper Association. You can find a list of daycares that already accept cloth diapering here.

After meeting with Vikki I will definitely be trying cloth once the time comes! It seems like the most economical way to go and it seems really easy. Not to mention how cute all those fluffy bums look 🙂

And now you have a chance to win a copy of Kelly Wels’ book and One Week Free diaper service from Sonrise!

Here’s how to enter (3 chances to win)!

1 EntryComment with your cloth diaper experience!  Have you tried cloth diapering before?  Would you try it out?

1 Entry‘Like’  all three!  Sonrise Facebook page the Binx Facebook page & the Saratoga Mama Facebook page for another entry and comment on the page that you’re entering the contest.

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Giveaway ends on Tuesday, January 24th at 10PM EST.  Winner will be selected using and notified via email.  Diaper Service will be arranged through Vikki Ahmed at Sonrise.

Good luck!

Some other great resources for cloth diapering are:

Binx | Saratoga NY | Baby PlanningIlissa Goman is a baby planner from Binx. Find her at the Saratoga Baby Expo in April and here, blogging about all things baby!

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  1. I met The Sonrise company at a baby fair at SSPL a couple of months ago, really got me thinking!! So due in June, I’ve recently started collecting some cloth diapers here and there to start with and see what we really like. Very excited!! And all thanks to Sonrise 🙂 though I haven’t made it to the retail store yet I just bookmarked the class you mentioned, such a great idea!! (I know this is long, but it’s my official first entry to win that book!!)

  2. I have been cloth diapering for over a year now and am starting to plan the plunge into potty-learning. I started with a trial kit from an online retailer. I loved that route because I was able to spend time actually using different brands and styles and learned which ones I preferred in terms of ease and fit. I was so excited when Sonrise opened the retail store because there is something more satisfying about looking in person at the diapers and then having them almost instantaneously.

  3. L-O-V-E Cloth Diapers…baby number two using baby number ones BG. Hope to use for more future babies too!!! I have tried many brands and styles of cloth diapers.One size, velco bum genius are my fav! Love finding other moms who use cloth diapers, love even more finding moms who are interested, but scared of cloth diapers and talking them in to trying them. Just found out over the weekend that there is a RETAIL location in the capital district…I will be going there soon.

  4. I have a seven-week-old and we currently use disposable diapers. (We’re using up the ones we received as gifts and left-overs from friends.) Now that we’re close to running out, I’d like to make the switch to cloth. I’ve heard great things about Sonrise and I’m glad to see them featured here!

  5. Kate Dumont – LOVE!!!! You guys are so talented and rellay captured us as a couple. We had so much fun and cannot wait to do it all over again (in wedding attire) in July!December 9, 2011 11:47 pm

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