Comparing Grocery Store Prices


 We are all looking for ways to save an extra buck, but it’s no secret saving is not always easy.shoppingcart

One of the easiest ways to help save you money is by price comparing. With a little bit of homework you can start to save more money each week at the grocery store. First it is important to know your rock bottom pricing for the products you purchase for your family weekly. I know of a few people who keep a pricing book, noting grocery store prices on items that are regularly purchased.

Pull out those Sunday Ad Sales and peruse those first. Keeping in the back of your mind your pricing.  There is no rule that you have to shop at only one grocery store each week.

While at your grocery store make sure you are comparing the price per unit (such as the price per ounce or the price per each), not the price of the entire package on your products.

Unit Pricing(Unit Pricing is clearly marked on the bottom left)

The unit price is the amount you’re paying for each “unit” (ounce, pound, etc.) of the product you’re buying. By giving you a standard unit to compare products and packages, the store lets you make a more informed choice. You can let the store do the math for you, to make it easier for you to compare price.  I believe by now all grocery stores tags have the unit number on them.

Please consider when comparing unit pricing that you also keep the needs of your family first. Sometime the less expensive item may contain ingredients you don’t want your family consuming.

It can be a lot of work comparing grocery store prices at several different stores and then figure out where to buy what, but the food cost savings are well worth it.

 ~Jen, Inspiring

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I am very passionate about saving money, spending less and helping others in my community.  I combine personal simple frugal living tips, recipes, crafts, couponing ideas and smart shopping techniques to help you become your own economist.  Please join me in my journey to live simply and save.

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