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Electric City Couture Show – Exhibiting Original Designs by Emerging Designers

Electric City Couture and Proctors Theatre is proud to present the 4th Annual Electric City Couture Fashion Show featuring up and coming Regional Fashion Designers in a pure Runway Experience. The evening will showcase the FALL 2013 Signature Collections of 8 Regional Designers and will include roughly 70 male and female models on the runway.Electric City Couture Fashion Show

This years lead designer is Kristina Collins of Saratoga

Kristina Collins

‘Pining for Spring’ | Designer: Kristina Collins Clothing | Photo Credit: OEProPhoto

I’m beyond excited to attend this show for a number of reasons.  First of all, I love the mission of Electric City Couture; which is to bridge the gap between regional fashion designers and independent retailers to stimulate a fashion-based economy.  I am eager to see the show and the talented area designers and models; because I love supporting local people who are following their passions.  If you’re a reader of SaratogaMama, you’ll know that we’re not a fashion blog, but we are a LOCAL blog and we love highlighting all things related to this area. 

The reason why I’m most excited to attend this show though is because Kristina Collins who is the lead designer is a local mama and a dear friend of mine.  I caught up with Kristina today and got more info on the show and her work!

Q & A With Kristina Collins

  • Describe your style and how you got started?

I got started when I was a kid because mom taught me how to sew.  I was designing on the side for a while, but in 2003 started working in bridal and evening wear.  When I had my son James, I needed to do something less intense.  In 2010 I started Kristina Collins Clothing.

The line is for real women that wear a million different hats.  She may start the day one place, and end up in a completely different direction.

  • What inspires you to create such beautiful designs?

Everything and anything!  Just recently I was inspired by a picture out of my son’s Richard Scarry book.  Mostly I look at fabric first, then design into it.Kristina Collins

  • How has being a mom helped you in your career as a designer?

Kristina with son James

Kristina with son James

It helps me to prioritize and I’ve become much better at stress management!  I find that in heated situations, mothers tend to be level-headed.

  • How do you manage work/life/parenting? 

When I first got started when my son James was little, I would work first, then play.  Now, we play first, then get the work done!  I have hours set aside during the day for play, outdoor time, and learning.  I create blocks in my schedule that can’t be messed with.  I’ve learned that I have to carve hours out of the day and adhere to them because it’s far too easy to cheat with your schedule!

I have learned not to be embarrassed at the state of being a mom.  The house might not be perfectly clean and the boys might be messy, but I make no apologies!

  • What can we expect at your runway show this Friday? 

My show will feature 12 looks – a bunch of separates; jackets, tops, skirts, dresses.  The designs have a lot of versatility and can be worn a bunch of different ways.  The designs feature masculine fabrics and details, but done in feminine fits.  For example there’s a jacket in army green that has frayed rough cut seams and a military feel but has a very feminine fit.  The line is geared toward the multi-dimensional woman.

Find Kristina Collins Clothing online, or on Facebook!

'Pining for Spring' Shoot | Designer: Kristina Collins Clothing | Photo Copyright: OEProPhoto |

‘Pining for Spring’ Shoot | Designer: Kristina Collins Clothing | Photo Copyright: OEProPhoto |

Electric City Couture Show Details

2013 Electric City Couture Show at Proctors
May 24th. 2013 | 8:00 PM | Proctors Black Box Theatre | Schenectady, New York
Doors open at 7:45, First Come First Serve Seating!
Electric City Couture on Facebook

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