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When it comes to beauty products, I am a Marketing Executive’s dream. Show me a beautiful woman with glowing, perfect skin surrounded by words like ‘younger, radiant, and flawless’ and I will buy the product, checking the price tag only after I am out the door. As you can imagine this can make a credit card bill quite hefty so I try to find some balance by splurging on certain items (eye creams), and saving on others (shampoos). Fortunately the beauty industry has become very competitive and many brands are now producing high quality products that are sold in drugstores making them convenient and affordable.

Here are some of my favorite drugstore beauty finds:

John Freida sea-waves
John Frieda’s Beach Blonde Sea Waves, Sea Salt Spray ($8.99)

Once upon a time there was a girl with beautiful, cascading, beachy waves. She achieved these waves effortlessly, not even needing a blow dryer and only using a curling iron to tame a few random, stubborn strands. Then an evil villain took this spray away and left the girl wandering aimlessly down aisles of hair products never to find one that worked quite the same, until one day the evil villain realized the error of his ways and made the spray available again to damsels in dis”tress” everywhere.

Okay, it might seem a bit dramatic but I am telling you this is the best sea salt spray out there and I have tried them all! When it was discontinued Ebay had it for about $300 and I actually considered buying it. But now I do not have to because I can get it for under $10 at Target.

Physicians Formula
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio Nude Collection ($10-$12)

I have spent $30 for eyeliner only to find the color is just a bit off or it irritates my sensitive eyes. That is why I was so excited to find out about this eyeliner trio which contains a soft black, brownish bronze, and a taupe copper shade. You can wear one at a time or mix and match them. One of the biggest trends on the red carpet this year has been to wear a darker color on the upper lid near the lashes and a lighter taupe shade on the bottom. This trio allows me to recreate this look or be more or less dramatic depending on my mood or destination. I like to use an eye liner brush to slightly smudge and blend the color which gives me an effortless smoky eye.

Organic, expeller-pressed coconut oil ($8 and up)

Coconut OilYou would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the million ways you can use coconut oil and the benefits of doing so and I have definitely fallen for this trend big time. All summer I used it as a body lotion and it left my slightly tanned skin glowing and as an added benefit it also contains some sun protection. I use it to shave and it works wonderfully around sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarm. But one of my favorite uses for coconut oil is as an eye makeup remover. Quality eye makeup removers can cost a small fortune and some are still very irritating to the eye. Coconut oil not only removes all my eye makeup it also has the added bonus of being very hydrating and has been known to help hair grow thicker. So not only do I remove my eye makeup without irritation, I also smooth away fine lines and help my lashes and brows grow a little thicker.

pantene pro-v shampooPantene Pro-V Shampoo (under $4)

This is one of those products I may stray from for a time but it somehow always ends up back in my shower. The reason being it is a good, quality product that does the job and is fairly cheap compared to other quality shampoos. Gorgeous haired women have been attracted to this product for decades including Kelly LeBrock, Courtney Cox, Eva Mendes and Giselle Bundchen. Now the line offers more options than ever and they are jumping on board the whole co-cleanse trend (think Wen hair care only with a much prettier price tag).

Boots Botanics, Rosewater Toning Spritz 100% Organic (under $10)

Boots RosewaterRemember when BB creams were the latest and greatest news in skin care? Well pretty soon you may be hearing another term called ‘essence’. The idea behind an essence is to prepare the skin to absorb moisture. Think of a dry sponge and what happens when you use one to wipe up a liquid; it does not get absorbed. But when you wet a sponge it easily absorbs more liquid. An essence is supposed to recreate this action on your skin. While this product is not labeled as an essence, it essentially works the same way (I would not be surprised if it gets a new name in the future). I spray it on after cleansing and while my skin is still damp I add on my moisturizer and it seems to help lock in the moisture. Without using this, half way through the day my skin normally starts looking a bit parched but since using it my skin stays moisturized longer. It also smells pretty great so you may find yourself purposely getting some in your hair too.

Those are a few of my favorite drugstore beauty finds but I know there are so many more great products out there just waiting to be discovered.

I would love to hear about some of your favorites so please share, share, share!

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