FabFitFun Roundup: A Few of My Favorites From Summer and Fall


FabFitFun ReviewSadly about a month ago I ended my relationship with BirchBox. Not because I did not love it but because I felt it was no longer good for me.  I needed to make a clean break from all the hassle that comes along with samples (not enough room in my medicine cabinet), plus, I admit, I had found something new, something better. It was a difficult decision and it was tough to stay strong as BirchBox begged me to take them back but I stuck to my guns and bid them adieu. I have moved on and although my new relationship is a little more expensive and does not come around as often, it is higher quality and much more satisfying!

FabFitFun, is my new love! Four times a year I get a box of goodies dropped at my doorstep containing full size products (no more wimpy bottles of shampoo that last for one day)! And while I may not need or use some of the products, so far there has been at least three items in each box that make me happy and last a long, long time.

The following are a few of my favorite products received in the FabFitFun boxes from Summer and Fall:sonya

  • Sonya Dakar Flash Facial- This was a big ticket item; it retails for $95! Loved by the rich and famous, this flash facial has been deemed a miracle worker. In just 60 seconds you will be transformed into a younger, more radiant version of yourself. Loaded with antioxidants, and hyaluronic and lactic acid this magic potion smooths and plumps skin leaving you glowing.

I really wanted to hate this product! I do not want to spend $95 on a facial product that gets washed off within one minute but unfortunately I really like it. I do not use it every day as is suggested on the label but I use it three to four times a week and it truly makes my skin glow and feel so soft. If I could repurchase it I definitely would but I save my money for things like eye creams, night time age reversal serums, and babysitters. I will continue to use this bottle sparingly though until every last drop has been used up. If you decide to splurge on it I have one warning, it smells a little strong which was a turn off for me but alas my skins youthful radiance keeps me going back for more.

  • Thursday Friday Away Mini Clutch/ Makeup Bag – That’s right with FabFitFun you not only get hair and skin products you cosmeticalso get some fun items too! This adorable little bag from Thursday Friday retails for about $36, and is a tough canvas material made to stand strong even as it is thrown around inside your baby or toddler bag, or just your handbag. It is the perfect size to keep lipstick, band aids, a small hand lotion or aquaphor (come on… if you have kids you probably have this in your bag). I also have an epi-pen and a pair of sunglasses for my daughter. I just move this bag into which ever bigger bag I am using that day and I know I am ready for almost anything… almost!
  • Jessicaprona Steele Apron – OMG! How adorable are these aprons?! Retailing around $32-35.00 these will definitely make you the hostess with the mostess. Seriously, you will purposely be finishing up in the kitchen when guests arrive just so you can show off your super glamorous “cooking outfit”.

Seen on classy women such as Brie Van De Kamp (remember her?) and the unforgettable Charlotte York, these aprons will make you want to cook. At least it did for me. Mine arrived in the mail and the next day I was whipping up home made chicken noodle soup, strawberry banana muffins, and chocolate chip cookies. A few weeks later and my husband nicknamed me ‘Suzy’, as in ‘Suzy Homemaker’ because there are days I spend hours in the kitchen cooking and baking; a new hobby for me inspired by fashion! And not for nothing, but these would make a pretty fabulous gift for any special women or men (they make them for men too), who consider themselves magicians in the kitchen.

  • Dermalogica, Skin Hydrating Booster – The claim: This super-luxe, ultra-hydrating concentrate moisturizes deeply, minimizing fine lines. Containing hyaluronic acid, panthenol, glycolipids, and algae extract, this formula derma_main-660x400is a moisturization miracle! Retail value: $56.

I use the Sonya Dakar Flash Facial and then smooth a little of this ultra light weight but extremely moisturizing serum on my fine lines and they melt away. I use this product sparingly as I have some other beloved skin care products I am not willing to replace, but this is a great one to add on to my skin care regimen, just in the areas that need the most hydration. I also pat a tiny bit on half way through the day if my skin feels parched and it leaves a subtle, dewy glow that revitalizes my skin.

Well, there you have it, a round up of some of my favorite products found in my FabFitFun boxes. Each FabFitFun box contains at least $200 worth of products (usually more), and it costs only $49.99 a box. Often a coupon is offered for newcomers to save $5.00. The winter box code is WINTER5. If you are still uncertain of whether you want to order a box, stay tuned because once I get my winter box I will write another review and include a coupon code for up to three people to save $15 on the winter box.


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