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Our Bedtime RoutineI love checklists! Especially being a working mama now, I use checklists for everything because it is the only way to keep my mind, and my house organized!

I recently came across these morning routine and bedtime routine checklists for kids and parents.  I think they are both cute and functional.   In an effort to keep us all on track, I’m going to frame them and put them at eye level.  After framing the lists, you can have your child check off each item on the list with a dry erase marker so they too feel that sense of accomplishment!  Then simply wipe off the checks and start all over again the next day.Our Morning Routine

These simple checklists will make preparing for bedtime without forgetting to brush your teeth, or getting everyone out the door in the morning without skipping breakfast that much easier.

These particular lists are brought to you by but you can easily create your own lists with items specific to your family’s daily routines. I have a 3 and 5 year old so a list with pictures is a must…plus, it makes the list look more like a fun game and less like a boring checklist!


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