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This time of year can be stressful for a lot of us.  Trying to maintain our budgets, find the perfect presents, deal with extended family, and travel with kids, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  SaratogaMama has you covered for Holiday Events in Saratoga County and even help finding the perfect present with our Gift Guide for Babies/Toddlers and Gift Guide for Kids, Teens & in-Betweens.

To help keep you sane during the holidays, we’ve put together this Family Holiday Survival Guide.  Relax, breathe deep and let the fun begin!

Mind your budgetMind your budget

Take a look at last year’s holiday spending and determine whether you stayed on budget or went off.  If you are buying presents with cash, only carry as much as you’re willing to spend.  Keep receipts for everything in the inevitable case of wrong size, color, style, etc.

Dare not to compare

I have a friend and former co-worker who always blows me away with her generosity.  I don’t know how she does it with four kids, but she manages to always remember every birthday and holiday and gives gifts that are meaningful and generous.  Of course I compare my gift-giving to hers, but that’s not what the holidays are about.  Try and get out of the habit of comparison gifting and give gifts that fit your style and your budget.  The recipient will more than likely be pleased with your choice.Holiday List

Lists will save your life

Make a list and check it twice, or more.  You’ll spend less time, money and effort if you keep lists of who to buy for, and what dollar amount you’re targeting to spend.  You may go slightly over budget on some gifts, and find some amazing deals on others.  Just don’t go over-budget on everything!

Wrap early, wrap oftenWrap early, wrap often

Starting as soon as you’re ready, pick one night of the week and wrap as many gifts as you can.  It’s overwhelming when you have loads of presents to wrap and the holidays are looming. Start early when your holiday stress level is low.

Remember your body

It’s so easy to abandon your workout routine around the holidays.  We tend to drink more caloric beverages and less water, consume lots more calories, and skip out on the gym.  Make a commitment to put yourself and your health high on your priority list.  Remember to drink more water to quench dry winter skin, and try and make it to the gym or fit in some type of workout routine.  Yoga is wonderful for the mind and body.

Stick to the routine, but bend the rulesBend the rules

Try to keep the children in their routine as much as possible, but don’t stress out about bending the rules and allowing for a late bedtime, missed naps, or too many sweets.  These are all things to be expected around the holidays, especially if you’re traveling!  Rest assured you will get back on track in January.

Just say NO

As much as we try to please everyone, it’s OK to say no sometimes!  Celebrating with just your spouse or kids can be a wonderful alternative to seeing relatives who make you feel consistently stressed.

It’s very possible to sit back and enjoy the holidays this year.  There will be lots more in the coming weeks on SaratogaMama to help you out!  Come back again soon for more great content and the best events calendar for families.

How do you deal with stress over the holidays?


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