Father’s Day Gift Guide


Fathers Day-4From simple and sweet to the manliest man, our father’s day gift guide has you covered!  

A Story of Us  Create a photo album on SnapFish or Shutterfly with pictures of your family. Start from the beginning of your life together of and include captions that go along with the pictures and the special moments you cherish. (Prices vary depending on how many pictures you have and what type of album you choose).

Framed Blueprints of Legendary Ballparks ($185, www.Uncommongoods.com) For the true baseball fan. Remind him of his childhood when he went to his first real baseball game with a framed blueprint of the ballpark. A unique gift to pass on to his children.


RedEnvelope.com – Personalized Pub Glasses

Personalized Barley Pub Glasses ($49.95, www.RedEnvelope.com)- Celebrate moving into a new home or the completion of a home addition (especially a mancave!) by giving him his own set of personalized pub glasses. A gift he will love using again and again. Shop local at Healthy Living Market for a great selection of beer to pour into his new glasses.

KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender with Heineken keg technology (list price $149.99, Amazon Prime lists $121.71, www.amazon.com) Looks like a sleek coffee maker on your counter but is actually the coolest keg ever, and if you buy this for him you will be the coolest wife ever! Keeps beer fresh and tasting crisp for up to 30 days.

Create Your Own Cards After my son was born I started a tradition of creating cards for my husband with pictures of him and my children every Father’s Day (I also do this for my father with his grandchildren). These cards mean so much more than any Hallmark one! They are easy to create on Snapfish or any other similar photo website and actually cost the same as a store bought card.

BBQ Briefcase ($84, www.Uncommongoods.com) For the man who grills one mean steak. He will love being able to take this portable set on the go or using it in his own backyard. With 20 stainless steel, heat resistant utensils kept tidy in a stainless steel briefcase he will truly feel like a grill master.

Frame some of your children’s best art work and if they can, have them sign it. This would make a great addition to an office wall or mancave. Or give your children a camera and have them take pictures of things they find photo-worthy and then frame those. (Remember, with a beautiful frame almost anything can look like art).

Custom Beach Key Chain ($90-$115 www.uncommongoods.com) – These key chains come filled with a resin set sprinkling of your favorite shoreline. Originally created to remind dad of a great vacation all ready taken, but why not have it filled with sand from a dream family vacation not yet taken? Every time he grabs his keys for work he will be reminded of what he is working toward!

Five Four Clothing

Five Four Clothing

Five Four Clothing Club for Men A gift perfect for the man who hates shopping but loves looking good. FiveFour Club is an exclusive men’s monthly subscription service. A clothing company selling basic tees, casual button-downs, jeans and accessories, each month Five Four will send a new box of clothing based on a personal profile of size,style, and clothing preference.  For $60 a month, Five Four sends you a package of apparel valued at $120 and up.
Subscriptions can be canceled at any time after the first box is received. (www.fivefourclothing.com)

Drink Chillers ($42, www.Uncommongoods.com) – Perfect for those beautiful summer nights when you want to enjoy a drink on the deck with your husband while watching the kids frolic in the yard. These drink holders and drop in stones will keep your drinks cold without diluting your cocktail.

Baseball Bat Bottle Openers ($85 – $125, www.Uncommongoods.com) -Picture this: The big ball game is on T.V. and your husband goes to open a cold beer, you hand him a bottle opener made out of authentic game day bats used by major leaguers. I think you hit that one right out of the park; a home run in the game of gift giving.


GTS Polo

Athletic Apparel GTS Clothing, located in Saratoga Springs, has a new line of light weight polo shirts designed to go from a business meeting to the golf course and everywhere in between! GTS also carries a great variety of stylish, high quality athletic gear including basic tees, pullovers, hats, and shorts.

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