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Today we welcome guest blogger Amber who is a local certified holistic health and nutrition consultant and creator of Truly Thriving, a health and wellness practice. 

As the end of 2012 comes and we look toward the New Year many of us also look toward beginning anew.  We set intentions, resolutions, make promises or just decide to try something new.  We hope this article will help guide you toward something new as well!

Several years ago, as the year was coming to an end, I decided I needed a new workout for January. I was looking for one that offered a physical whole body workout and I wasn’t opposed to some guided relaxation either.  What began as a journey toward a changed body ended up being a journey of a whole other kind.  And in the midst I found a way to greater strength and balance, to be kinder to myself and to push myself beyond my comfort zone in more ways than one.

Just like a personal trainer, a spin instructor or a boot camp instructor, yoga teachers and their styles differ as much as you and I do.

I’m writing today to help expose some of the incredible yoga studios in and around Saratoga Springs and perhaps encourage you to try someplace new or to try yoga for the first time.

Find Yoga in Saratoga County!

  • Estudio Yoga in Clifton ParkEstudioShoppes at Halfmoon at the Intersection Rte9 and 146, 518.944.5139

This is where my journey began so long ago; actually it was at Emily Clausi’s first studio, located in Loudonville, but nonetheless.  Estudio Clifton Park is a great location in a small plaza area with adequate parking.  It is a hot yoga studio, as the website indicates; the temperature goal is 85-90 degrees.  If you check out the website you can see this studio offers a variety of classes including a barre fitness class offered both early in the day then again after work hours.  I believe the walk in rate for non-students is $17 for a 60-75 minute class and unlimited monthly specials are also offered.  I’ve been lucky to experience many great teachers at Estudio and I highly recommend checking it out.

Saratoga Springs yoga is a great studio in an older building right in Saratoga.  The studio has beautiful floor to ceiling windows that let in the gorgeous light of the day or evening, and because you’re on the second floor there is no loss of privacy.  I attended a two day workshop at Saratoga Springs yoga so I spent a great deal of time there but only experienced a couple of instructors.  It is a calm welcoming atmosphere and from the schedule you can see they offer a great deal of classes.  The walk in rate is $20 for a 60-90 minute class with monthly specials for new students.

I became familiar with The Yoga Spa when my teacher in my teacher training class, Jennilee Toner, opened the studio in 2011.  In the spirit of full disclosure Jennilee and The Yoga Spa are near and dear to my heart and an integral component to my entire yoga experience.  I first met Jennilee while she was subbing a class at Estudio in Latham and quickly learned why she had such a following of devoted students.  You’re taught yoga with grace, ease, love and support from Jennilee and the class becomes an experience beyond the physical.  The studio space itself is gorgeous.  It’s full of rich calming character with windows letting in the light yet shielded for privacy during class.  There are a variety of classes at The Yoga Spa as indicated on the schedule, from yoga basics to hot warrior yoga and warm candlelight yoga.  The walk in rate is $10 for a 60 min class and $12 for a 75 min class while yoga basic classes (75 min) are always $5, Wow!  Beyond Jennilee the studio has many good teachers as well.

This studio is a nice large studio space on the second floor of a building facing Broadway in Saratoga.  There are beautiful windows letting in the light yet there is plenty of privacy and cover when needed.  I’ve practiced here a few times both through workshops and individual classes and my experiences were always enjoyable.  The owner Karen Score was very helpful and quick to respond when I had a question about registering for a workshop. There are many class opportunities at Yoga Mandali from Jivamukti, Mandala madness and vinyasa flow. The walk in rate for a 60-90 minute class is $15.00 and when you’re done at class you can check out the Studio Store located on the ground level.  The store carries yoga clothing, gear, books, CDs and DVDs and more.

This is a two-for-one studio opportunity.  One side is Hot Yoga Saratoga and the other is One Yoga Saratoga.  Hot Yoga Saratoga is obviously a hot studio with temperatures ranging 95-105 degrees depending on the class, though there are some warm classes offered as well.  This studio offers a variety of classes including Bikram and Barkan style classes while One Yoga Saratoga offers yin yoga, Forrest inspired yoga as well as barre workout classes.

The walk- in rate for non-students is $20, for a 60-90 minute class.  I’ve experienced just one class each at HYS and OYS so I’ve yet to formulate a valid opinion but I can tell you that the heat affected me in a negative way at HYS despite my experience and love of hot yoga.  Perhaps I wasn’t properly prepared, which is important as indicated in their FAQ.  However my experience at OYS was nice and pleasant.  I attended a yin yoga class during their grand opening weekend and despite some bumps in the road opening day the class was great, there was a good crowd and the store with yoga clothing and gear was quite impressive.

  • Yana Yoga in MaltaYana Yoga  Malta Commons (off Exit 12 of I87), 518.522.5472

This studio is a warm studio run by Amber LaPointe Pettersen and is located in the Malta Commons.  The studio itself has a warm inviting atmosphere with a small store space to browse while you’re getting a blanket or bolster.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with and practicing with Amber in the past and recommend a visit to Yana Yoga. The studio offers a variety of classes such as the seven spiritual laws of yoga, meditation and warm yoga.  Amber also has prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga as well as grown up and me classes to bring your young child to.  The walk in rate per class is $15 for a 60-90 minute class with monthly and unlimited specials offered as well.

  • The Hot Yoga SpotThe Hot Yoga Spot, The Shops at Village Plaza, 7 Southside Dr Clifton Park, 518.944.8534

This new Clifton Park studio is due to open in January 2013, the exact date is not yet determined but I have had the pleasure of hearing about it from the owner, Jessica Lustig.  With over 1000 sq feet of actual studio space the Clifton Park location of The Hot Yoga Spot will have plenty of room to welcome new clientele.  The classes offered will include bikram yoga, hot vinyasa, barre fitness and many more.

My experience with The Hot Yoga Spot has been at the Albany location in Stuyvesant Plaza.  I’ve taken a few classes there and was always impressed with the studio, the ease with check in, as well as the teachers and classes themselves.  Obviously it is a hot yoga studio but the classes I was in were comfortably hot and the teachers were certain to remind everyone to go at their own pace and hydrate well.  I can only expect more great classes at the new Clifton Park location and look forward to checking it out in person.  The walk in rate is $15 for a 60-90 minute class but there are great monthly and new membership deals as well.

Yoga spots in Saratoga CountyWhile there are other yoga studios in and around Saratoga Springs, this round up should give you a good starting point and perhaps push you to try another studio you haven’t before.  After moving beyond the new student jitters and feeling more comfortable on my mat I discovered the beauty in trying new instructors and new studios alike.  As indicated earlier every teacher and space holds different opportunities for your growth and what you need one day may be entirely different than what you need or seek another day.  Moving out of your comfort zone is the first step toward growth. Enjoy and Namaste.

-Amber, from Truly ThrivingTruly Thriving

Amber from Truly ThrivingAmber, a certified holistic health and nutrition consultant and creator of Truly Thriving, a health and wellness practice, has been a lifelong student of nutrition and its impact on our health.  You can find her conducting seasonal workshops, offering one on one high level nutrition and lifestyle counseling, sharing valuable information on her site and creating more ways to help you thrive.


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