Five Creative Ideas to Beat Boredom this Winter Break


The holiday season is full of fun but also might include some less-than-exciting family parties, some boring days away from school and friends, and some down-time at home.  Here are five ideas to add a little more excitement to the season and fill your winter break days with creativity.

Family PhotographerChild Photographer

Ask a grownup if you can be in charge of being the family photographer for the next holiday gathering.  Make it your mission to capture the moments!  Set up a location with good lighting and a nice background to take some staged shots and don’t forget to take lots of candid shots too. 

Scents of the Season Game Leader

Ask a grownup to help you gather some holiday- scented items and you and a friend or sibling can play a little game.  With a partner blindfolded, let her smell the item and see if she can guess what it is!  Don’t let your partner use her hands or any other senses. cinnamon-316438_1280

Some ideas include:  mulling spices, minty candy canes, cinnamon sticks, gingerbread cookies, or a sprig from a piney Christmas tree or wreath.

Holiday Reporter

Child ReporterUncover all the memories by being a holiday reporter!  What was one present that your grandpa remembers receiving?  What about your mom, dad, aunt, uncle or cousin?  How were the holidays different 10, 20, or 30 years ago?  Find out the origin of a family tradition.  Better yet, find out grandma’s secret to making the perfect cookies and test it yourself!

Fitness Instructor

Child Fitness InstructorDesign your own fitness class and lead your relatives, friends, and/or siblings in a mini workout.  Make sure you know how to do each exercise and can properly instruct your class.  Choose some upbeat music to help motivate your participants. 

A sample workout may include:  jumping jacks, jogging in place, pushups or planks, sit-ups, arm circles, climbing stairs, even some dance moves that you can lead.  Use your imagination and make it fun! 

Card Maker

Making CardsIf you received something super awesome this holiday season, why not send that person a special card to say ‘thank you’?  Does your best friend have a birthday coming up?  Would your favorite teacher enjoy receiving a special card ‘just because’?  Handmade cards are not only extra-special to receive, they are really fun to make!  Gather any craft supplies you may have; crayons, markers, glitter, stickers, paint, scrapbook paper, or whatever you have and make some cards.  Invite a friend over to join you in the card-making fun and spend the afternoon creating and crafting.

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