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Right now my younger son’s baby book is sitting in a drawer, over flowing with all of the papers that need to be organized, andblinkbuggyapp I have a document on my computer with all of his “firsts” listed out until I can sit down and work on his book. All of my older son’s pictures and projects from school this year are in a folder(after they spent some time on our fridge of course!), waiting to be organized in someway. I always have the best intentions to create scrapbooks, but it usually takes me a few months to even get started. Meanwhile, I want to be sure I’m not missing any important moments, recently I found a way to easily keep track! Blinkbuggy is an app that helps me keep things organized and all in one place, and I can even print a book or easily refer to it for important dates.

The Facts:

What is Blinkbuggy?

Blinkbuggy is a digital baby book where you can easily  add pictures, quotes or text from your iPhone or computer. You can choose to share your memories through social media, keep them private, or share with specific people. You can also create more then one memory folder, which is helpful if you have a few children or want to organize your memories in a certain way.


Through Blinkbuggy you can order a printed book, which you design, that can include any memories from your app or you can upload images from your computer as well. Other products available include gallery frames and printed cards.

How do I get started using Blinkbuggy?

You can sign up online at their website, or download the app. (Although at this time, you can not create books through the app, you need to access your account from a computer.)

Final Verdict?

I’m really enjoying using this app and it has started to become second nature. Since I always have my phone on me, it’s so easy to keep track of everything! I’m finding that I use the note function the most, just to type quick snip-its of what’s going on or to document a “first”. For me what makes it different then just keeping a document or typing in notepad is that it:

  • Automatically documents the date
  • You can easily add a description to a photo
  • It integrates text and photos and, organizes it all for you


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