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Cartwheel App by target

True Story: After years of failing to remember to bring my coupons or bringing my coupons and forgetting to actually hand them over to the cashier, I finally got my act together. I collected all the appropriate coupons, even made a list of the products to buy, made it to the register with the items and so proudly answered ‘yes, I do,’ when asked if I had any coupons. I gave the cashier my neatly organized coupons and could not help but feel proud; that is until I reached for my wallet and realized I had left it at home. That was it for me, I swore off coupons forever. It was not worth all the hassle and frustration… and humiliation. Then Target introduced the Cartwheel App; an app perfect for those with a coupon aversion like me and the world of coupons welcomed me back with open arms!cw logo

The Facts:

What is Cartwheel?

Cartwheel from Target is available for use on desktop, tablet, mobile web, and iPhone and Droid Apps. The most convenient form of Cartwheel for me is to use it on my phone. Simply download the free app on your phone and always have great discounts available to you on the go; there are hundreds of discounts ranging from 5% to 50%. Cartwheel provides the user with one personalized Cartwheel barcode which will store all your discounts, simply show it to the cashier and with one click of their scanner you will save on up to ten items. The more you use Cartwheel the more coupons it will allow you to use at once. When you save $10 using Cartwheel you will earn a badge, increasing the amount of coupons you can add to your barcode. When you save $25 you will earn your next badge and you will continue earning badges as the amount of savings increases. Not a bad deal; save money and earn more ways to save money!landingBarcode

For those of you who prefer to have a hard copy of your savings you can use Cartwheel on your desktop and print out your list of savings along with your personalized barcode. Simply show the printed sheet to the cashier and your barcode can be scanned right from the paper.

Can I still use paper coupons and my RedCard?

Absolutely!! Target lets you save as much as possible on their items by allowing you to stack all your savings. You can use a coupon, Cartwheel, and your RedCard all at once.

How do I get started using Cartwheel?

Simply sign in using e-mail or your Facebook login and start saving! Once you are logged in you can search for items by category. If you see an item you might buy simply click ‘add’ and the coupon will automatically be added to your barcode.

Making an unexpected stop to Target? C’mon we all do it!! No problem, simply scan the item’s barcode in the store using your Cartwheel app. If the item has a coupon it will show up and you can simply press ‘add’ to save the item to your barcode.  I admit I felt a little funny walking around holding my phone up to each item before placing it in my shopping cart, but I noticed I was not the only one.

Final Verdict?

The Cartwheel app is very user friendly and makes saving on items you would be buying anyway very easy. Sometimes you only save a couple dollars, as many of the items are only discounted by 5% but add in your other coupons and/or your RedCard and the savings increase. I love that I do not have to plan ahead in order to save which makes it the perfect app for us busy moms!

Cartwheel App

Just be aware…

If you sign in using your Facebook profile, all your ‘friends’ will be able to see what you saved on with some exceptions. Truly personal items will have a picture of a lock on them indicating these purchases will not be made public. The one benefit to this is if your friends buy something you recommend you can earn more badges, but personally I prefer not to use this feature and sign in with my e-mail.

Also… we are all guilty of running into Target with only a few items in mind to purchase but somehow we magically end up spending at least $50 more than planned! Do not let this app cause you to purchase items you normally would not be buying. It is so easy to scan items right at the store I could see my cart filling up very quickly if I let it. Be smart and use the app for items you really want or need and you will save money!

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