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How many times have you turned to social media such as Facebook or twitter, to ask a question? I know I do this frequently and I have friends that do the same. Now imagine being able to ask a question and not only reach your friends but reach their friends, and the friends of their friends, and the friends of their friends, and and on and on down the social media line including pages you follow on Facebook and people you follow on Twitter.

Jelly AppRecently a new mobile app has been introduced that is designed to do just that. Jelly, founded by the Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, is “based on the idea that helping people is fundamental to the human condition” ( The idea behind the Jelly app is to allow people to ask and answer questions with  “real” people rather than search a faceless, nameless search engine. Of course this idea already exists among communities on different websites but Jelly is different in the fact that is an app with built in features and capabilities that allow you to reach a larger audience with just a click of a button.

How Does The Jelly App Work:

Jelly is a free mobile app available for download on iPhone and android devices. Once you have installed the Jelly app, there are just a few simple steps to set up your account and then you can begin asking and answering questions. You choose which social media networks you want Jelly to connect with and the more you choose the larger the reach of your audience will be. The only catch is Jelly only reaches people that already have the app so if your friends do not have it they will not see your question. There is a share button that allows you to manually post the link to your question on your social networks.

Once you you are set up it is really easy to use this app. Simply touch the text icon and a screen will come up allowing you to choose whether you will ask your question with your camera, a location map, or just plain text. Once you have asked a question you will be given the opportunity to answer other peoples questions or simply walk away and check back in an hour to see what answers you received. If you are lucky you may receive a response from a true expert like in the screen shot below!jelly pic1

A Trial Run – It Actually Works!

After installing the Jelly app I decided to ask a couple questions to see how quickly people responded and if the answers were legit. My first question was, Anyone try oil pulling? I have been reading so much about it lately and would like to hear from real people if it is worth trying”. Within an hour I had received four responses, all of them seemed honest and while some were not helpful all of the responses were respectful. By the next morning I had received three more answers.

I decided to use the camera feature and take a picture of a package of Quinoa and ask, Any good salad recipes using this?”. I received a total of 10 responses so far all of which have great suggestions and some include links to recipes. When people respond to your questions you can send them an automatic thank you and you can also share their responses with your social media network if you choose.

Answering other people’s questions is just as easy. When you first click on the app you will see a question which you can choose to answer or swipe down to see a new question. People ask about anything from beer recommendations, for help identifying plants or insects in the garden, where the closest public pool is, technical questions about electronics, and so much more.

Jelly App

Jelly is a cool app that is  fun and slightly addicting to use. While I would not recommend asking emergency medical questions I do think it is a great resource when looking for opinions and recommendations. So far everything I have seen has been respectful, with no put downs or negative remarks that you sometimes get using other social networks.

Jelly could actually be used as a fun party game, trying to see who could answer the questions asked by other people. I definitely see myself using this to ask for anything from parenting advice to recipes. In fact recently I was discussing with friends how much to tip at the salon and we all felt a little uncertain of the answer, if I had this app at that time I would have just asked Jelly. Download it for yourself and get ready to add a new reason to be on your phone : )!

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