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If you haven’t already experienced Element Caffeinated Water, let me give you a quick overview.  Element Water contains only three simple ingredients and zero calories.  With only as much caffeine as a cup of coffee or diet soda, Element won’t make you jittery like a typical energy drink or that crazy five-hour energy.

Element Caffeinated Water

The caffeine in Element is colorless and tasteless and is extracted from green coffee beans.  In addition to the natural caffeine ‘motivation’ Element contains purified theanine which is found in green tea leaves.  Element tastes just like water, but the side effects for me are all positive; a boost in energy, increased focus, and better concentration.  What’s not to like!

You can find Element in your nearby Price Chopper, Gaffney’s, Spring Street Deli, Hungry Spot Cafe, Irish Times, West Ave Mobil Mart, and various other locations on this map.

Want to try Element Caffeinated Water? – Giveaway ended!
Thanks to all who entered 

Enter to win a case of Element Caffeinated Water!

Congrats to Christine R.!

Here’s how to enter:

1 Entry- Comment here and tell us when you need Element the most?  (for me, late afternoon before the gym!)

1 Entry – ‘Like’ both Element and SaratogaMama on Facebook and comment here that you do

1 Entry – Find and tell us the store closest to you where you can buy Element.


Element WaterContest ended at 10pmEST on Tuesday, February 7th 2012.

All info is at and check them out on Facebook.


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  1. I need Element water the most about mid day after both boys have drained all my energy! My boys are 31/2 and 19 months and are full of energy! I can get Element at the Wilton Price Chopper!

  2. I need Element water before Zumba and sometimes just to keep up with the kids! Element is available at the Wilton Price Chopper and Game Xchange in Wilton Mall.

  3. I need Element most first thing in the morning!! With 3 boys, 8 years(with special needs) 2 and 9 mos I can hardly get out of bed!! I like saratogaMama and element on facebook, and I can find Element right at m Price Chopper in Malta!

  4. I liked both element and saratogamama on facebook to try to win the element water. I don’t think I have seen it anywhere in my surrounding area. I really need some of that water with a three year old.

  5. I need Element after preaching. All that talking makes me thirsty! I also like saratogamama and element on facebook. Price Chopper in Saratoga.

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