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All About ABC MouseMost likely you have caught a glimpse or heard a snippet of the dramatic commercials with claims of two year old children reading at kindergarten levels, or children who were behind academically suddenly jumping ahead by leaps and bounds, all thanks to! Commercials are meant to sell so I never paid much attention to this one. Then one day my kindergartener came home very excited about and begged me to put it on our computer. I was hesitant because it is a subscription based program but my son, who had been using it at school, was so enthusiastic about it I figured we should give it a try.abcmouse_title_logo

The Facts about

What exactly is offers over 5,000 individual learning activities for young children and more than 450 lesson plans. There is a strong emphasis on phonics and other reading basics for young children, including preschool educational games, kindergarten learning games and songs, books, puzzles, printables and other types of activities.

How Much Does it Cost? is a subscription based program. The current cost is $7.95 a month but if you commit to a year you can often save a certain percent. I paid $59.95 for the full year. The first month is free and you can cancel your subscription at any time. A family account is for up to three children; if you have multiple children you are not paying any extra for them to join. is a safe secure site for your child because it is a paid program so there are no advertisers, pop ups, or links to external sites to distract or endanger your child. There are no additional costs other than your monthly or yearly payment.

How Do I Find the Right Lessons for My Child? There is no searching for age appropriate activities. is a progressional program that automatically advances when your child is ready. You choose your child’s age and academic level and ABCmouse does the rest.

What is the Curriculum Like? is broken down into three age groups: preschool, pre-K, and Kindergarten. The lessons are separated into four main categories: Reading, Math, The World Around Us, and Art and Music. Every child is an individual with different learning needs.  uses six different kinds of activities to help children learn. Through children’s books, songs, games, puzzles, art, and printables, offers children opportunities to learn in visual, audio, and tangible forms of media.mockup_elephant

Every lesson and activity has been created in close collaboration with nationally recognized educational experts. To learn more about who has worked on click here.

Can I Create Lessons to Meet Specific Needs for My Child? The parenting pages provide a great resource for parents. Here parents can track their child’s progress, update profiles and change academic levels if appropriate, and create individualized lesson plans. My son is learning sight words and I have used this option to group together activities using the specific words he is working on each week. This has served as a great tool to reinforce what he is learning in school and at home.

Is available on iPhones, iPads, or androids? For iPad and iPhone users,  an app was created to allow access to the site even though they are not compatible with Adobe Flash. can be accessed through an app on many Android devices. If your device is currently supported, you will be able to download the app by searching for “Early Learning Academy” on your Android or Kindle device. is continuing to create and improve apps for these devices and will release each one upon completion. For more information about this click here.

The Bottom Line: My three year old and five year old love going on every day. There are plenty of activities they can do independently or with minimal support and there are times when I sit with them and we work together. They love earning tickets for their hard work and getting to decorate their on-line rooms and I love seeing them enjoy learning!  There are many other activities such as choosing their avatar and dressing it, decorating their rooms, taking care of pets, etc. Often times they will do their lessons to earn tickets and then spend time playing in some of the other areas that are less academic. It is the perfect combination of education and fun. The only truly difficult thing for them has been using the computer mouse. In a world of touch screens it was difficult for them to get used to using one but over time they learned. I still believe the commercials are a bit exaggerated but as a supplement to a child’s regular academic program I highly recommend you are interested in learning more or subscribing, visit

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing and sharing! As a parent of a 3 year old, I have been wondering about this product. Additionally, I am part of a rating and reviewing site ( that is like the Yelp for education resources. We are trying to grow and get real-life feedback from users of educational products. It’s our goal to make sure that the best resources end up in our children’s hands, ensuring they get the best chance possible for a great education–no matter if they are schooled at home, privately or publicly. I would love it if you could contribute and offer recommendations and reviews. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU for what you are doing!

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