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halloween candy

Avoiding Halloween candy is hard…okay confession, REAL hard.  As a fitness professional I want to make sure you have all the tools needed to avoid any Halloween weight gain so I have compiled 5 sure ways to avoid  all the sugary sweets and prevent you from waking up the next morning feeling like Frankenstein!

1.  Procrastinate!

Procrastinating is not usually a good trait but in this case wait until last minute to buy any Halloween candy and make sure to buy only candy that doesn’t tempt you. By waiting until the last minute you won’t have it in the house when that late night sugar craving starts calling.  Two smarter choices are the Tootsie Pop (only 60 calories) or 3 Musketeers fun size (only 63 calories).

2.  Have a Candy Plan

Just like anything else, having a plan or course of action will help control damage.  Make a rule that you will have no more than 2 fun size pieces (roughly 100 calories) and plan them into your day.  So you take away another 100 treat from your daily intake, not have them in addition to.

3.  Make it Fun!

Make a family fitness game out of answering the door for the Trick-or-Treaters.  Here’s a few examples:

  • Disney Princess = 30 Second Plank
  • Despicable Me = 20 Jumping Jacks
  • Miley Cirus= 20 Burpees
  • Witch = 10 Body weight Squats
  • Super Hero = 15 Push-ups

4.  Throw out the leftovers!

Halloween-Candy BurpeeI mean it throw them away, just say good bye and be done with those evil sugary pieces of goodness.  But whatever you do, don’t bring them to work, it will still be at your disposal not to mention it will do your co-workers a favor too!

5. If you dislike doing burpees take a look at my Halloween Candy Burpee Calculator.

For a 150lb person to work off these 6 treats it would take 343 burpees!  So when you go for one of those cute little M&M packs think to yourself this is 75 burpees and decide then if it seems worth it.(Equivalency information found at SpartanRace.com)

Happy Halloween from Baby Boot Camp of the Capital District and remember…

Be fit.  Be Strong.  Be Together!


Britta Hogue

Britta Hogue

Britta Hogue is a NETA certified Personal Trainer and owner of Baby Boot Camp and Karna Fitness of the Capital District of the Capital District, offering classes and nutrition programs for moms.  Sign up for a free class at www.babybootcamp.com or email her at britta.hogue@babybootcamp.com.



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