Hiking (and surviving!) the Western Ridge Trail plus Tips for Hiking with Kids


TrailheadWe recently took a hike, yes literally, on a trail that is part of the Moreau Lake State Park system.  We had hiked it before, but never knew the name.  It’s actually called Western Ridge Trail and is very easy to find and somewhat easy to hike!

Hiking with kids has to be low impact and high yield.  In other words, you need to reach some view, peak, fire tower, lean-to, etc. in a reasonable amount of time or the kids are bored.

The Western Ridge Train is actually 5.6 miles, but we purposely didn’t make it the whole way.  The best part of this particular hike is that after an hour or so of hiking, you reach a lookout with an amazing view of the Hudson River.  Brave souls can keep on truckin’, but we called it a day.  The view from here rivals any small-medium size hike in this area!

Tips for hiking with kids:

Directions to Western Ridge Trail:  Northway exit 16 and turn left heading toward Corinth.  Drive for about 4 miles until you reach a stop sign.  Unfortunately the roads are not marked here.  You’ll turn Right at the stop sign onto Spier Falls Rd/County Rd 24.  Drive about .7 miles until you reach a parking area on your right.  Trailhead is a few steps down the road.

Do you have a favorite local hike or nature walk?  Let us know! 

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  1. Hi, so glad to find your blog! I love the tips. We are moving to the area, so this is very helpful!
    How old are your babies? I have a 3 yo boy and my daughter is 13 months.

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