Inspirational Mom of the Month: Amanda Vitti


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A Slyer Image Photography

Photography is part of Amanda’s soul; any hint of shyness or uncertainty disappears the moment an opportunity to talk about or take a picture arises. A self described introvert throughout her childhood there is still a definite hint of that in her personality but there is also a new confidence; a determination only found when one truly believes in herself.

The first time I st down with Amanda to discuss her photography it had been little over a week since she had a surgery that would have kept most people in bed for several. When asked how she felt she answered, ‘nothing can keep me down’! I would soon learn that attitude guides her through life, filling Amanda with determination to do what others only dream of doing. In the two years since I had met Amanda I had never truly gotten to know her. In one afternoon I was introduced to a woman who loves her children, values her friends, appreciates her supportive husband, and knows, without any doubt, she is a photographer.

As a child Amanda remembers using her mother’s 35 mm camera to shoot lightening storms trying to capture the magnetic sky. In the fall she was amazed by the colors on the trees and would spend hours trying to capture that vision on film. At the time she did not realize she was discovering her inner self, the ‘thing’ that would steal her heart and force her out of her protective shell.

All Amanda knew was she loved taking pictures; it was the only time she felt free to be herself.

In school Amanda shied away from others never feeling accepted. Extracurricular activities were avoided and she surrounded herself with only a small group of people she trusted. It was only after having her first child that Amanda dared to realize her dream of becoming a photographer.

When her daughter was born Amanda was determined to make a change. She wanted her children to have the confidence and passion she had neglected. She began researching cameras and when her daughter turned six months old Amanda bought a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) Nikon and changed her life. In her free time she spent hours researching everything she could about photography and cameras.  She took on line classes and soaked in any and all opportunities to learn and enhance her undeniable natural skills. She lives by the words, ‘I have no shame in my game!’ and grabs every photo opportunity that comes her way.

Amanda spent a year offering free photo sessions to friends and family as a way to practice and develop her craft. Wanting to find her niche among this passion she shot everything from birthday parties, family portraits, newborns, and weddings.

Amanda realized her true happiness came from capturing the beauty and innocence of a child and capturing moments of real love between people. She now focuses mainly on shooting family portraits, children, and wedding and engagements.  Amanda Vitti

Photography is not just about making money for Amanda it has become a way of life. Obviously her future goals include being able to contribute financially to her family in order to give her daughters ample opportunities to pursue their own passions, but Amanda has her priorities straight. Instead of rushing into something and failing she is building her business slowly and steadily making sure to only have truly satisfied customers. She mentors with an established photographer, Jeff Foley, whom she says “has been a huge part of my life and has encouraged me with my business, Amanda Vitti Photography“. She truly respects and admires him and aspires one day to achieve his level of professionalism and artistry.

Amanda recently donated her time and talent to The Children’s Museum in Saratoga Springs and every year she donates a free session to the Waterford-Halfmoon UFSD PTO. She also was part of SaratogaMama’s wonderful Mother’s Day giveaways, contributing a free photo session to one lucky mom and her children. This giveaway inspired Amanda,

“I want to start giving away one free session every so often that would be strictly for moms. So often they are the ones behind the camera trying to capture a moment. I want to offer them the opportunity to be in that moment.”

Amanda is hoping to team up with a local make up artist and hair stylist and begin offering these free sessions in the near future.

Amanda is an inspiration to all of us who have quietly pursued a passion to get past our fear of what ifs and self-doubts and truly believe in ourselves. Whether it is running a marathon, learning a new skill or enhancing an old one, or starting a business, the best example we can give our children is to follow our dreams. Amanda pushed aside her fears and started a new chapter in her life that will benefit her children in endless ways. I have had the fortunate opportunity to have my children photographed by Amanda in one of her ‘practice’ shoots and found I did not have enough wall space in my house to display all of the stunning photographs. Since my words alone can in no way do her photography justice I leave you now with these images which truly speak to her talent!





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