Inspirational Mom of the Month: Lauren Rose


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The day I met with Lauren Rose I had been having a particularly stressful morning. Running errands with my three-year-old which included making a return at Walmart, (anyone who has ever done that with a young child understands), only to come home and find our power was out. As I scrambled to get ready in the shadows I was feeling tense and tired. But then I met Lauren and all of my tension melted away. For the next hour and a half I felt completely “Zen”; in the moment, peaceful. We quickly connected as she shared beauty secrets; using olive oil to keep your skin healthy (Lauren’s skin is amazing!). And finally taught me the correct way to say ‘Quinoa’ (the key is to memorize how it is pronounced and ignore how it is spelled). She also offered me some great suggestions on how to help ease the tendinitis in my knee as she casually mentioned she had taught yoga for more than 10 years and owned a yoga studio for 4 of those years. Lauren has an inner calmness and confidence that radiates as she speaks. It is very rare for me to feel “present” and not have my mind filled with way too many thoughts, but when I do yoga I am definitely in the “here and now”; being around Lauren gave me that similar feeling.

Lauren first met her husband as a teenager when they worked at the same amusement park on Saratoga Lake. After going their separate ways for many years they reconnected, fell in love, and started on a new journey together as husband and wife, and parents to a now eight year old boy.

Over the last year Lauren was inspired to start her own business called Go2Snax, a vending machine company that offers healthy but tasty options to consumers. She runs this business with a close friend who shares the same values making their business relationship work perfectly.

Lauren explains, “You cannot give 100% of yourself to your family and 100% of yourself to your business because that is 200%. My business partner gets that, so when my family needs me she will handle the business and I do the same for her when she needs to focus on her family”.

This working relationship has become even more important as Lauren has taken on an additional role as secondary caregiver to her mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Once again Lauren’s optimism was inspiring as she described her mother’s diagnosis as a “positive experience”. Of course it is devastating to watch her mother slowly disappear in plain sight but it has forced Lauren to become even more mindful.

“I know how important it is to make every minute count. I have to be present in each moment, it is no longer a choice, it is not always easy, but I do not want to miss anything.”

In order to make every moment more meaningful Lauren is also a little more particular about who she spends her time with; not wantingo2snaxlogog negative energy to bring her down, she surrounds herself with those who inspire and lift her up. Through her business she is constantly meeting people who keep her motivated. Cohoes Middle School is the first school to place their vending machine within their building. Their positive energy and excitement about offering students healthier choices fills Lauren with happiness and pride. She truly believes in the products they place in their vending machines, testing and researching them to make sure they meet certain nutritional requirements. Lauren and her partner also created a charitable aspect to the business by donating soon to be expired food to different organizations including Project Lift, a group who loves the products they donate.

As parents, it is important to the Rose’s that they be ’global citizens’ and they want to raise a child who is globally aware; recognizing that not everyone is the same and embrace people’s differences. Lauren truly believes in learning by example, “I do the things I would like my son to do, I take him with me everywhere, and that is how he learns”. Some of the experiences Lauren shares with her son include volunteering and traveling. Lauren has a self diagnosed, severe case of “wanderlust” (she once flew 36 hours to Japan to spend the weekend with her husband who travels often for work!) so travel is a huge part of their life. They are currently planning a trip to China for next year. Volunteering is an especially valuable part of Lauren’s life, something her parents instilled in her as a child and she has done the same for her son. Rose Family Disney Cruise

Lauren Rose’s life would make a great novel, not because it is picture-perfect, but because it is real and she handles the realness with such grace and optimism that one would not only want to read about her life but continue to wonder about it long after the book ended. If Lauren Rose’s life were to be turned into a novel I believe it would end with her son, all grown up and following in his parent’s footsteps, reflecting back on the wonderful childhood he had and how it influenced him to travel, help others, and live his life to the fullest, embracing every single moment.

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