Malta Montessori Introduces Toddler Program


Dr. Maria Montessori was a wise woman with knowledge rooted deep in the understanding and observation of the child. She believed “[t]he development of the child during the first three years after birth is unequaled in intensity and importance by any logo_mmperiod that precedes or follows in the whole life of the child”. This powerful observation encapsulates the importance of the first years. During this remarkably sensitive period in a child’s life, the mind is constantly absorbing, and it is vital that it be nurtured in the appropriate environment. The Montessori educational philosophy holds that children be thoughtfully guided in their natural desire to be challenged, curious, and independent.

Movement, order, and language are the foundation of the infant and toddler program. The child of this age requires a safe, appropriate environment allowing for the freedom of exploration through all five senses. The infant and toddler flourish on tactile stimulation. The Montessori classroom allows curiosity to blossom while providing security and trust. We strongly support Dr. Montessori’s practice of understanding that the child is competent rather than helpless.Ad_Malta_Montessori_275x225

I have seen, first hand, the benefits of this tailored education. After years of experience in teaching and childcare management, I entered the Montessori system with curiosity and eagerness. I quickly saw what set this system apart from others.

Instead of emphasizing drills and memorization through a standardized curriculum, the Montessori method deploys student-selected work, an individualized educational approach, and collaboration, often between students of different ages. In short, Montessori stresses the importance of developing social skills alongside academic ones.

Studies show that Montessori students perform significantly better on both cognitive and social measures when compared to their peers in conventional public schools, and also excel in math and science exams. We like to think that part of the success of our students is the educators that motivate them. That is why I took the initiative to further my education by becoming a certified Montessori educator after years of teaching in private and public classrooms.

I’m personally excited to announce that this fall, Malta Montessori School, which has been providing Montessori education in our community for 8 years, will be adding a toddler program.

Opened to children ages 18 months to three years old, the program at Malta Montessori will afford young minds the child-centered education they deserve. As the lead educator in the program, I very much look forward to a new, bright, and engaging incoming class. I welcome you all to visit our website at for more information. We are eager to hit the ground running with the new program and want to answer all your questions and inquiries.

Feel free to contact the school director, Kerry Brader, at 633-1971. Let’s get to know each other and work together to nurture your child’s unique mind.

~Kathleen Porcelli
Malta Montessori Toddler Teacher

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