Mama Book Reviews: The Mother of All Meltdowns



Title: The Mother of All Meltdowns

Author: A Bunch of Hot Mama’s Losing Their Cool

Genre: Non-Fiction (an anthology written by thirty mom bloggers)mothermeltdown

Before becoming a mom I did not have mini panic attacks on a regular basis, I did not wake up in the middle of the night thinking I heard a child crying when I had not, and I did not have to tell anyone, “No! You can not wear your bathing suit to the gym, it is ten degrees outside!”. But I also did not laugh nearly as much, smile until my cheeks hurt, and wake up every morning feeling like there was a gift waiting for me to open. Motherhood is the strangest, most challenging, most rewarding and wonderful job a woman can have. But with great power comes great responsibility… and that can lead women to what many will now refer to as The Mother of All Meltdowns!

This book is a collaboration between thirty mom bloggers who each share a different moment in their lives that led to a major mommy meltdown.

Five seconds into this book I felt validated; I was not crazy as my husband had referred to me so often after walking in on the brink of a meltdown. Nor was I the worst mommy, a feeling I felt far too frequently at the end of a difficult day. No, I am a mom. I may not be a normal person anymore but I am a normal mom.

Reading these stories, I found myself nodding in agreement thinking ‘Yup! Been there, done that’, there were moments I felt my heart rate quicken and my blood pressure rise as I related all to well to one of the stories. Stories recollecting everything from a hot mess of a mom in an embarrassing public situation, to the ‘you know what’ quite literally hitting the fan, to the everyday challenges we meet as moms that happen one too many times in a week and lead to an emotional meltdown.

Who would I recommend this book to?

This book is for every mom, every woman who would like to one day be a mom, and basically anyone who has ever known a mom. In fact I truly feel this book should be handed out to women the moment they become a mom; mothers should know what lies ahead! I also suggest carrying a few copies aboard a plane if you are traveling with young children. They would be perfect to handout to disgruntled passengers as either a way to evoke sympathy for your situation, or at least serve as an entertaining distraction from your screaming child. Lastly I feel this book should be in the nightstand at every family hotel, because sometimes the bible may not be enough.

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  1. What an awesome review! Thank you so much for sharing our book and supporting us ‘imperfect moms’!!!

    SO lovely to meet you.

    (The cheese-less grilled cheese mom)

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