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I recently had the opportunity to try the Standard Baby Sign Language Kit logofrom, with my son who just turned one.

When the kit first arrived I was a little overwhelmed, there was quite a bit to it and I wasn’t sure I wanted to fully commit to the whole program. As I began to explore though, I realized that while the kit provides everything you need to support teaching your little one sign language,  I could do as much or as a little as I wanted to.

My baby sign language kit included:babysignlanguage_kit1

  • A teaching guide
  • Flashcards
  • A poster
  • Signing Dictionary

If you don’t want to read the whole teaching guide to get started, it includes a quick start guide, which is how we began.

The first step was to chose five words to focus on, we chose to start with two, “all done” and “more” and plan to add more later.

At first, I really wasn’t sure I was doing it right, I just keep repeating the sign and saying the words when appropriate. If my son ate all of his food on his tray, I would sign “more” and put more on his tray. If he didn’t seem to want anymore, I would sign and say “all done”.  My son was about nine months old when I started using the signs, when he was about 11 months old, he copied me with his own version of “more”. I was amazed! I had started to think that I wasn’t being consistent enough or that maybe he was too young, but I was so proud when he did the sign back to me that day. It has become a part of our meal time routine and he gets really excited when he signs “all done”.

Now that he understands the signs can be used to communicate, I’m looking forward to teaching him more signs using the resources from the kit.

If baby signing is something you’re interested in and you’re not sure where to start, explore the website, you will find some short videos, the quick start guide and information on all their available kits.

** we were provided with the baby sign language kit for review purposes.  As always, our opinions and recommendations are not impacted by how we receive the product.  

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