The Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway 2013


Mother's Day Giveaway

This week we’re celebrating mama’s here at SaratogaMama by offering FIVE days of giveaways!

5 terrific prizes  – 5 winners – the Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway

Each day this week between 9-11am EST a new prize will be announced and you’ll have several chances to enter each day.  Each time you enter, you’ll increase your chances to win one of the five amazing prizes!

Village Sweet Shoppe

Day 5: $30 gift certificate to Village Sweet Shoppe!

One lucky mama will get $30 to blow on sweets and treats at the wonderful Village Sweet Shoppe in Ballston Spa.

You’ll love shopping for amazing chocolates, truffles, old time candy, gummy’s, and chocolate covered anything!

Saratoga Mama, Paint and Sip

Day 4: Saratoga Paint & Sip Night for Mama + 2!

Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio | Saratoga NYOne lucky mama will get to plan a fun night out for herself plus two friends at the awesome Saratoga Paint & Sip Studio!  The value of this prize is well over $100!

We had an absolute blast at Paint & Sip as you can see by our pictures and write up on page 58 of the summer SaratogaMama Magazine!

Maestro's | Saratoga Restaurant

Day 3: $100 Gift Certificate to Maestro’s!

One lucky couple will get to enjoy a fabulous date night out at one of my absolute favorite Saratoga restaurants, Maestro’s at the Van Dam!

With excellent food, a gorgeous atmosphere, a stone terrace to relax and dine/drink, and the extra special touches that make it great.  Maestro’s is the perfect date night destination!

The Skin BarDay 2: $95 Spa Package from The Skin Bar!

One lucky winner will enjoy an O2 Lift Revitalizing Facial + Brow Couture Design at The Skin Bar!

Lighten , Brighten and Tighten with a combination of Apple Stem Cells, Oxygen and Natural Enzymes.  For the Brow Couture, a bone structure analysis is performed, then we will discuss the perfect brow shape to enhance natural beauty.  This package has a $95 value!  The Skin Bar is located in the Panacea Day Spa in Schuylerville.

Northeastern Fine Jewelry

Day 1: $100 Gift Certificate to Northeastern Fine Jewelry!

One lucky winner will enjoy $100 to spend at one of three Northeastern Fine Jewelry locations!

Northeastern Fine Jewelry has three locations in the Capital Region and offers a huge selection of designer jewelry, engagement rings, watches, custom pieces, and more.  Northeastern has based its business on a simple creed; provide the finest quality jewelry for a great value with unconditional dedication to customer satisfaction.

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  1. Krystyn L. on

    One thing I love being about a mother is that my life now has purpose! I am somebody’s mom!

  2. There is nothing better than the words, “mommy I love you so much” those words and the huge hug that comes with it!!

  3. I love watching my son doing things for the first time. Today was his first time being “okay” with me leaving him at the daycare at the gym. I was so proud of him!

  4. I love the overwhelming sense of love that I never thought I could feel for anyone that I only get from my child.

  5. I love having a direct impact on my daughters’ lives. Its a huge blessing and opportunity to be able to guide and teach our kids!

  6. What I love about being a mom is having a special needs child and seeing h progress every day…it totally brings tears to my eyes and I am so proud of him!

  7. Danielle Kinsey on

    I love their giggles and smiling faces! Nothing makes me happier than to see pure joy on their face.

  8. I love the one on one time reading books or taking a walk when you can see she is learning about the world surrounding her.

  9. I love seeing my kids do something new for the first time. It’s amazing to see them growing and learning, and its awesome to see the look of accomplishment on their faces. I’m more proud of them each day!

  10. When you think about how you could be raising next world changer, your perspective on parenting changes. Parenting is not a chore, its an honor. I love the little people I have been blessed with the opportunity to nurture, impart into, and love.

  11. Jessica Doll on

    One thing i love about my mother its her huge heart. My mother is always trying to find new w ways to hero the community and my brother and sisters school. Anything to make it better for the kids!

  12. Watching your child grow and learn, becoming their own little person! That’s what makes me so proud. When i thought i was doing everything wrong, i realize that i must be doing something right!

  13. Being a mom has allowed me to be a kid all over again. I love going to the park with them and climbing trees and playing in the creek or getting a good ole game of kickball going. They keep me young and I am truly blessed to be loved by 3 of the most amazing little people in the world!

  14. I’ve never been to Maestro’s, which is why I should win this gift card! I’ve always marveled at the fire torches when walking by!

  15. Christine R. on

    I love finding toy cars under my pillow and my high heels in the playroom.I love that my son and daughter challenge my normal and my routines.

  16. Christine R. on

    I love Maestro’s! I love dining on the porch and snacking on their complimentary dark chocolate bark after dinner.

  17. What I love about being a mother: each day is different from the other….constant surprises both good, bad, frustrating and hysterical!

  18. I went to a paint your pet night at Saratoga Paint and Sip and loved it! Unfortunately I was pregnant at the time, so I would love to go back and actually be able to sip!

  19. I’ve been to Paint and Sip once – super fun. Going again on Mother’s day with my sister and Mom!

  20. I haven’t been to paint and sip but heard its great… Also I live that my boys are my constant play partners

  21. I have never been to Maestros but my husband, son, and I always walk downtown are go bye it all the time. My husband always say to me if we every get extra cash someday and a babysitter we are so going their so this would be an amazing prize!

  22. Spring McNicol on

    I haven’t been to Saratoga Sip and Paint yet. However, a few of my friends have and they have LOVED it. I’ll love to be able to join them. 🙂

  23. Spring McNicol on

    We haven’t been to Maestro’s yet but I’ve checked out the menu and it’s on our “places to eat” list. 🙂

  24. I have been to Saratoga Pain and Sip I LOVED it! My husband took me for my birthday and we both really had a great time. Neither of us is overly artistic, so the fact that we both came away with paintings resembling what it should have speaks highly of the teachers they have there. We loved it so much, we’ve already booked a date to go back! It’s a great time to relax, drink, and create.

  25. I love it when my kids just snuggle up to me in the AM, in PM, or when just in the family room enjoying a movie. Priceless!!! Love both my princess & little prince 🙂

  26. Oh man this is tough. What I love most about being a mom is seeing that big beautiful smile of my babies first thing in the morning and hearing her sweet little coos and babbles while she runs my face and hair and snuggles with me 🙂

  27. I love being a mom and a grandmother because I love being able to tell my kids I love you every time I see them and knowing that it is a love deeper than anything else I’ve ever felt.

  28. I have not been to Saratoga Paint and Sip yet, but we are planning to try it in the fall for a bachelorette! I would love to win that gift certificate!

  29. I have not tried the paint and sip yet. My friend did and had a good time. Maybe in the future I will be able to go and try it out. 🙂

  30. Courtney Rittenhouse on

    Best part of being a mom is cuddles before bed and always having my two side kicks with me. They are always funny and entertaining 🙂

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