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Nourishing Minds SliderAt Nourishing Minds Tutoring Saratoga, their core belief is that all children have the right to learn and deserve to succeed in school. They specialize in tutoring children in grades K through 6 in the core school subjects of English Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Math, and Science.

Whether your child excels at school or finds learning to be a challenge, private tutoring may be the answer. With the introduction of the Common Core State Standards, many children are finding the transition and different learning styles to be difficult. Parents are also finding it difficult to support their children at home as they are unfamiliar with the new teaching and learning styles.  Pairing this with increasingly busy schedules families often do not have as much time available as they would like to support their children’s learning at home.

Nourishing Minds Tutoring Saratoga offers:

  • Personalized learning
  • Engaging lessons
  • Convenient lessons from the comfort of your own home
  • Detailed assessments
  • Affordable rates
  • Common Core assistance
  • Great communication
  • Qualified and experienced teachers

Nourishing Minds Tutoring SaratogaNourishing Minds is committed to providing a positive, safe, and productive environment that fosters learning to improve confidence and self esteem.

Empowering students with the skills to become confident, effective, and independent thinkers and learners will allow them to reach their full academic potential.

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Do you struggle with ideas for supporting your child’s learning at home? Nourishing Minds Tutoring Saratoga created this handy tip sheet with 10 ways parents can help at home! 10 Ways Parents Can Help small

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