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Having a hard time with homework? We’ve gathered some useful websites and homework resources that you and your child can reference as you tackle nightly homework. These are especially useful when neither of you can remember how to do that pesky math problem or the start date of a war.

  • offers explanations for pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry. It features online calculators, Homework Seriesconverters, and equation solvers. Perfect for those times when your middle school and high school math memories are a bit fuzzy.
  • Homework Helper from has tools to help your children from elementary school up through college research. They also have links to numerous sites that might better aid you in your search for help.
  • Discovery Education has a free student resources page that has homework help, interactive games, and step-by-step math assistance. This site covers areas of English, Social Studies, Science, and Math.
  • is a site for older students, focusing on areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Statistics, and Government. Each area breaks down into subtopic that includes a short slideshow with an explanation on the specific topic.
  • KidInfo is a comprehensive site for grades PreK – 12. It offers homework help, parenting tips, teacher lesson Girls doing schoolwork.plans, and interactive game websites. This free tool provides you and your children with an all in one guide.
  • Khan Academy is a video library that mainly includes math videos, but they are starting to expand to science and social studies as well. Math topics range from addition to calculus.
  • HomeworkSpot has links to countless homework resources. You will find games, virtual field trips and information on many topics.
  • B.J. Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper includes many resources organized by theme. B.J started the site  with his dad when he was 9 years old!

We hope you find these homework resources helpful as you and your child complete their assignments. If you have any sites that you find helpful, please share!



My name is Rebecca Krantz and I’m from Stow, MA. I’m a senior at Siena College in Loudonville, NY where I’mstudying English and Communications. I play rugby for Siena but love to bake in my off time. I love kids and am currently substituting at my local elementary school which has given me a much greater appreciation for both parents and teachers!


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  1. My high-school-aged daughter has been raving about one more resource – I thought it was just a way to create flashcards, but it turns out that it’s much more than that. Students can not only create sets, but they can share them too. Thus, there are study resources available on all kinds of subjects.

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