Feeling Over Booked? Tips on Organizing Children’s Books


Guest blogger Maura Taboubi has a great method for organizing children’s books! One of my resolutions for this year is to be more organized and I’m looking forward to trying this with my son’s growing book collection!

Organizing Children’s Books

The Greatest Idea I Ever Borrowed From Image Search Results on Google

Our daughter’s books lie in piles as high as my knees. From library sales and lot purchases on eBay, weMP900439527 have amassed quite the collection. And I couldn’t take it anymore.

She places vague and impatient requests, like “No, Mommy, I want the book with the whole bunch of chickens and the fox on the cover!” And so I slide through the piles, hoping to find a book, any book with some sort of chicken on the cover in order to appease her for the evening.

So, one Saturday as my daughter was off to swimming lessons with her father, I was off to Google. My quest? How to organize children’s books.

I found many ultra-cute but not-too-practical solutions, and many, many product suggestions. But the one that caught my eye was the image of books with those little colored dots on the spine. (thanks to the blog: www.thetranquilparent.com).  Upon further research, I found other bloggers suggesting similar ideas. Many of them added great tips such as securing stickers with mailing tape, or using different kinds of stickers, e.g., label-maker stickers, and so on.

Off I went to CVS in search of dots, then back to the garage in search of mailing tape. Armed with both, I went to work.

Since my daughter was still in Pre-K at the time, I kept it simple:  Pink dot = people books, Green dot = animal books.

Organize your Child's Book Collection!

Now her library is fun to look at, and easy to put back together when things get out of control again.

Organizing Books

Our daughter can now organize her books with great authority. “No, that’s an ANIMAL book. Green dot, see? That goes over here.” It gives her – and me –a sense of pride to look at her very organized and growing library.

And the next time I visit a library book sale, or click “buy it now” on eBay, I can keep a smile on my face, knowing that I am not doomed to a life of more piles. Simply categorize ‘em, and dot ‘em, and they’ll snap right into place.

Great book sales can be found at our local libraries. Check their websites for upcoming sales

Libraries in Saratoga County

Ballston Spa Public Library – 21 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa – 518-885-5022

Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library – 47 Clifton Country Rd, Clifton Park –  518-371-8622

Corinth Free Library – 89 Main Street, Corinth – 518-654-6913

Galway Public Library – 5264 North Street, Galway – 518-882-6385

Mechanicville Public Library – 190 North Main Street, Mechanicville – 518-664-4646

Round Lake Library/Clark House – 31 Wesley Ave, Round Lake –  518-899-2285

Round Lake Library, Malta Branch – 1 Bayberry Drive, Malta – 518-682-2495

Saratoga Springs Public Library – 49 Henry Street, Saratoga Springs – 518-584-7860

Schuylerville Public Library – 52 Ferry St., Schuylerville – 518-695-6641

Stillwater Free Library – 72 Hudson Ave, Stillwater – 518-664-6255

Town of Ballston Library – 2 Lawmar Ln, Burnt Hills – 518-399-8174

Waterford Public Library – 117 Third Street, Waterford – 518-237-0891

Find it!  Libraries in Saratoga County

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For libraries in surrounding areas, click here for a directory.

We hope this post inspires you to be creative about tackling your child’s book collection!

~Maura Taboubi

Maura Taboubi Maura Taboubi is a mother, wife, and mom-trepreneur (is this a word?) living in Malta, New York. She is an avid reader of SaratogaMama, and has been following the blog since it was MaltaMama!

Maura is a professional designer of educational materials, and offers free, downloadable worksheets and more at her blog: www.eisforenrichment.com

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