Outdoor Exercise Tips for the Summer with Baby Boot Camp


When the summer heat approaches, it can be concerning to go outdoors for a workout with our children.  group_bicepcurls5_201105(1)However, working out in warmer temperatures is just fine provided you take the proper precautions.  There are also many things we can do to help provide comfort to our children in the stroller, as well as a little more comfort for ourselves.

Follow these tips to keep your little one comfortable so you can work out strong all year round!

1.     Stay Hydrated –This should go without saying that’s because the

Stay Hydrated!

importance of drinking water and keeping yourself (and your kiddos) hydrated is not only always important, but especially important when working out in warmer temperatures.  Typically, our bodies are warmer than the environment. When that begins to change, our muscles regulate heat by releasing sweat, which allows the bodyto cool itself. But when the body is sweating, it’s losing fluid.  As a rule of thumb drink 20 oz and hour before any outdoor activities.

2.     Dress Properly – Take into consideration that your body temperature can increase during exercise.   Every time you contract your muscles during exercise you produce energy.  So dress light and invest in some wicking clothes.  Lightweight, breathable, wicking clothes are a must. They’ll pull moisture away from your skin, so you really do feel cooler. Wearing a hat to keep the hot sun off your head and face also helps.  Take advantage of tech style clothing (non-cotton blends) when available. Cotton has a tendency to stay wet which doesn’t allow for evaporation or breathing for the skin- this can be uncomfortable and more difficult to feel cool in.

3.     Take Advantage of These “Comfort” ProductsThe following products have been kid tested and Mom approved.  These come recommended by one of my fellow Baby Boot Camp Owners whose franchise is in the heat year round.

  • Froggs Chill Pad Stroll-N-Cool: This stroller seat liner provides a cool base for your child while in their stroller.
  • A Stroller Fan: There are many different designs of stroller fans available in stores and the internet.
  • Frog Toggs Chilly Pad:  There are definitely other brands of similar products out there but these reusable cool towels are an easy way to provide a cool down for both parent and child when in the heat. Use these around your neck during workouts and to lay over kiddos legs during warm weather. The cool pad is refreshing and stays cool for a lengthy period of time.

4.     Wear Suncreen and Sunglasses: Protect those eyes and skin. Seriously, avoiding a sunburn or damage to the skin is important and sunglasses not only protect our peeps but also help to Glo Minerals SPF 40avoid headaches that can be caused from the glaring sun.

It takes a little bit of planning, but the end result of enjoying the opportunity to take advantage of the summer sunshine, social time, and sweaty workout is worth it in the end!

So remember…Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Together!

Britta Hogue owner of Baby Boot Camp

Britta Hogue is a NETA certified Personal Trainer and owner of Baby Boot Camp of the Capital District, offering classes and nutrition programs for moms.  Sign up for a free class at www.babybootcamp.com or email her at britta.hogue@babybootcamp.com.


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