Photography Workshop with Ashley Brown: Review and Giveaway!


Last month, SaratogaMama Magazine contributor Angela Thomas and myself had the opportunity to participate in a private mentoring photography workshop Ashleylogowith Ashley Brown. We have both had our digital SLR cameras for some time and have taken courses on how to use the functions on them, but we felt like we weren’t fully utilizing our knowledge to capture great pictures of the kids in our family. So we were very excited to have the opportunity to work with Ashley and get some tips!

Photography Workshop with Ashley Brown

Our Experience

To ensure that we were using our time most efficiently in the workshop, Ashley sent us a form to complete before our meeting. The form asked what kind of cameras we had, what our experiences where and what we wanted to focus on during our time together.

At our first meeting we talked about venturing off of the automatic setting of our cameras, this was a little bit of review for us, but it really helped to have the one-on-one explanation from Ashley and have her available address any questions we had. We left the meeting feeling excited to try all that we had talked about.

In between our meetings, I was able to send Ashley some of my practice pictures which allowed her to give me more specific feedback and tips. She also provided us with a document that included all that we had talked about and what we would be talking about at our second meeting. This allowed us to have a reference as we practiced and read ahead to prepare for our next meeting.

I found our second meeting extremely helpful! We were able to look at more of my practice pictures and talk about specific strategies to help with lighting and photo composition.  Ashley had many tips and examples to share to help inspire us!

While I’m still working on my skills and need to keep applying what I learned, here are two of my favorite practice pictures.

I would definitely recommend Ashley’s workshops to anyone who wants to get a little more out of their digital SLR cameras.


Before working with Ashley I had given up taking pictures in manual mode because Ryan is just too fast right now, but Ashley showed me how to use a different mode that allowed me to get great shots of him and utilize some more advanced features.


Workshop Information + GIVEAWAY!

Ashley has two options for workshops, the first is private mentoring. This workshop costs $350.00 and includes, two one-hour sessions where you will get “homework” to practice your new skills and you can reach out to Ashley for help during that time with any questions! The other options is a group session, which requires at least three people and costs $75.00 per person. In this session several different topics can be covered depending on your experience and personal goals. You can learn more about the workshops, here at

In order to participate in a workshop you need to have a Digital SLR camera and at least one lens,  Ashley recommends a prime, wide aperture lens. 

For more information feel free to contact Ashley at

Want to try out a mini-workshop with Ashley Brown?

Ashley is hosting a mini-workshop at Creo in Albany on Tuesday, November 12th. For $25 you get an one-hour beginner workshop, a gift certificate to use towards future workshops, and light appetizers and a drink! Kids are welcome too! If you’re interested you can register by first emailing Ashley at and then completing the form at this link  or you can  enter our giveaway for one free spot! See below for details.

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  1. I’d liked to learn more about taking my SLR off automatic and take great pictures of my kids on purpose and not by accident!

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